Sukuran Nigakki



Yeah, Sukuran Nigakki wins. I was laughing hard, way from the start. It’s glad to see they’ve restored the humour nicely in this episode. The romance tension in the air is still there, but now it’s more humourous rather than being lame as in the later parts of the first season. Tenma is at her usual irritatingly ignorant self here, only this time, less irritating and more funny. Highlights:

– Seeing Yakumo in the kimono(?) in the beginning feudal Japan sequence.
– Harima’s “Don’t worry, I’ll make *imouto-san* happy” line.
– Hanai discovering about Yakumo’s stayover at Harima’s place.
– Harima and Hanai’s double orz in the end.
– The part after the credits with the ero-sommelier.

The only bone I can find to pick with Sukuran Nigakki is the new OP and ED’s. They are really different in feel to the first season’s hyper uplifting Scramble and the brutally honest Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko, but they’re aren’t too bad actually, I’ll just have to take my time to get used to them.

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