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Sukuran Nigakki 04


Best episode ever….. you cannot beat this…….

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 04

Suzumiya Haruhi 04

Well, I’d wanted to blog this episode earlier, but no thanks to TMNuts and Mikuru-chan moé overloads, it got delayed :P.

So well, let’s see… this episode, we skip to a month later, after the founding of the SOS-dan, where we get to see Mikuru-chan, serving tea in a nurse outfit to the club members, when Haruhi-sama barges in and announces that they’re going to join a baseball tournament that is going to be held 2 days later. Haruhi’s first class smile(as quoted from Kyon) and her ear-biting of Mikuru-chan contributed to my first moé overload of the episode.

And so, the merry men and women of the SOS-dan proceed to procure the baseball field from the baseball club to practice, with a little help from Mikuru-chan.Seriously, when someone that cute, looks at you at that way, asking you to do something, I’d gladly do anything for her. The practice session contributed to my second moé overload of the episode.

And so… the baseball match comes. Predicatably, the SOS-dan team is made up of totally random people, including Kyon’s little sister, which I must add, should appear more later on.I really love Haruhi’s optimism on winning the baseball match, even when all of them have absolutely no experience in playing the game :P.

Anyways, the baseball match proceeds with the SOS-dan losing, predictably, and adding in a few more moé overload moments to the count. Mikuru-chan seiyuu is good, freakingly good, at making all those sounds. A sheer moan from her already makes me melt. I think I might turn into a criminal if there was a real-life Mikuru-chan….

As it turns out, if they don’t win this baseball match, it seems the world would be destroyed, so with a little help from Yuki, the SOS-dan start to gain points and overtake their opponents. Of course, they won at the end, lest the world gets destroyed, but seriously, like Kyon says, the world it getting really cheaper recently. It’s too bad the baseball match wasn’t at the level of great ones like Samurai Champloo’s or Dr. Slump’s one, but oh well, at least those didn’t have Mikuru-chan or Haruhi-sama :P.

Hints of jealously have already started to appear from Haruhi-sama, and it has become quite obvious that she’s in love with a certain someone. Ah…. how I really love this sides of tsunderekko’s.

Seriously, i think I have to stop watching this, if I want to continue on anime…. Haruhi really makes all the other animes quite bland. In fact, I’ve watched each episode now, no less than 3 times each, and I can’t get bored of it. Ah… the Mikuru Moé Overloads….. ahh…. Haruhi’s first-class smiles… it really makes me depressed about it when I think that they are all not in this world…

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The faggotry of TM Nuts.

Internet was down for two days. Blame TMNuts for their faggotry.Blog was/is under spam attack by some faggot using the IP, I’d get some plugins to block that IP, but i’m too lazy recently, blame Haruhiism and my assignments.

Real life kinda sucks for me recently as well. I’ve been quite screwed up IRL socially, I think, well it’s either that, or I just plain suck at communicating with people. Well, shit happens, I guess…. shit happens…..

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Suzumiya Haruhi

As rightly pointed out by jpmeyer’s post, the phenomenom that is Suzumiya Haruhi has exploded like mushrooms growing after a shower. From being virtually unknown to a catchphrase meme (search YouTube for Haruhi and you’ll see) , Haruhiism has captured the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of countless otaku’s across the globe, yours truly included.

Now, why does Suzumiya Haruhi have such an appeal?

It would undoubtly be the charisma of the heroine herself, Suzumiya Haruhi. As rightly stated out by Kyon, kids often have a limitless imaginative viewpoint of the world, and long for interesting and fun adventures, which no doubt being visited by aliens in UFO’s, encountering big-breasted loli time travellers from the future and ESP-pers would count as one. However, as we learn about the limits and the rules that govern this world, gradually our common sense develops and supresses our imaginations, leaning us to follow the rules of the world.

There is still the innate longing to break away from the humdrums of normal life, and what we label as the inner kid is always present inside everyone. Humans, in general, are curious lifeforms and the inaneness of normal life always drives people to have something they want to experience as “fresh”. In fact, watching anime can be included as a pastime for people to indulge in to break away from the normalcy, which is what makes anime fun in the first place.

As thus, Suzumiya Haruhi is the personification of this curiousity and “inner kid” that all humans have. She steadfastly holds on to the notions of UFO’s, aliens and time travellers, and tries with all her efforts to get in contact with them, stampeding over the barrier that is common sense & rules, ignoring the cruelty of reality and normal life. It is this quality which, no doubt, attracts people towards her, which is the desire to be like her, to break away from the rules that bind people to normal life and preventing them to do things that they want to.

Her utter lack of common sense in her ways to achieve her targets no doubt will shock people, I mean, the way she blackmailed the PC Club to get her computer and cosplaying as bunny girls to promote her club are definitely going to bring gasps to many a mouth, but secretly this appeals to us in a subconcious manner.

The members of the SOS-dan themselves are also part and parcel of the wonder that is Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. Undoubtly, Kyon plays an important role in the series, which is to be the perfect foil of Suzumiya Haruhi herself, as the cynical, rational and normal high school student, disagreeing to her conducts, yet still attracted to her at the same time, being a normal human being.

Mikuru-chan… well, she’s Mikuru-chan, and as rightly stated by Haruhi-sama herself, she provides the moé appeal for the show, being the shy, naive and innocent type. Yuki Nagato, meanwhile, lends the show an air of mystique, which is apparent after the revelation that she makes in the 3rd episode of that she and Haruhi aren’t really human beings, which establishes the show’s *raison d’etre* for Haruhi’s behaviour and the further appearance of more fascinating things to come.

Of course, when talking about the anime, other factors do come in mind when considering the rapid spread of the phenomenon that is Haruhiism. Undobtably, the fact that the animation studio was KyoAni, which is famous for its recent track record of producting top-notch quality anime, such as Fumoffu, AIR and Second Raid, helped in making people sample the anime. Brand name does play a big part in determining watchlists this season, with the absurdly large numbers of new series’ debuting. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t have paid that much attention to Suzuharu is XEBEC or Gonzo did it.

The infamous first episode of Suzuharu undoubtbly played a big part in publicizing it, as humans tend to be more impressionable towards negative things rather than positive ones. The sheer fact that the episode consisted of a amateurly done student video, and the fact that it was being done by brand name studio instantly attracted much viewing, especially with the lack of prior information about the series itself. Of course, when episode 2 came out, many otakus watched in interest, and KyoAni blew eveyone out of the water by producing one of the greatest episodes in anime, IMHO, in recent times.

Also, any discussion of the Suzuharu anime would undoubtbly be incomplete without adressing the infamous ED dance sequence by the SOS-dan members. The upbeat music coupled with the masterfully choreographed dance sequence (instructions available here and here) has a mesmerizing effect that is hard to explain and has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon itself, amazing considering the time that it has been out (only 3 weeks or so), with the infamous Gundam parody, and more recently, the RL version of it. No doubt, the ED sequence has established itself as one of the more memorable ones of anime.

Without question, the phenomenon of Haruhiism will be here to stay and make it’s impact among the otaku fanbase. I have personally never seen such success being achieved by a show, just 3 episodes in it’s initial run. Hopefully, Haruhi’s winning spree will continue on for the rest of it’s run, and I have no doubt about it, judging from the things that I’ve heard about it.

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 03

Higurashi no Naku Koro

The Diary of Keiichi Maehara

Yesterday night, I was shocked with the revelation that Rena was eavesdropping on my conversation with Oishi-san, so today I decided to take the day off, citing flu as a reason. At the doctor’s place, I’m hearing some strange things being said about the *onikakushi*.

On the way back, I met up with Oishi-san again and went to a nearby restaurant. He revealed to me that Rena, Satoko and the rest seem to have a connection with the murder cases. Angered, I shouted at him, but he warned me that I’m the person in the most danger……

Later, Satoko and Rena visited me at home, bringing me some snacks. Everything went normal at first, but then, they suddenly turned catshit insane and questioned me about my meeting with Oishi-san earlier. That freaked me out and I was glad when the left, though they did warn me about not going to school tomorrow.

After they left, under what influence I didn’t know, I tried to eat the snacks they bought along. However, the meaning of Oishi-san’s words reared it’s ugly head at that time as on my first bite, I felt great pain in my mouth and I spat the whole thing out, to discover that a needle was inside it. For the first time in my life, I discovered true fear. Immediately, I decided to write a letter about the things that have happened and hid in behind my wall clock.

The next day, went to school early, but I was almost killed by a van. I decided to take matters in hand and I poked around the lockers in the classroom, finding a baseball bat, which should prove useful to defend myself. After school ended, despite Satoko and the rest trying to make me stay, I left them behind, carrying the baseball bat as a matter to assure and protect myself.

Later that night, I received an urgent call from my mom, saying that she and *otou-san* would be away in Tokyo for a few days thanks to work, so leaving me alone in the house, with a murderous chicks trying to kill me living close by.. ah… *Kami-sama*, please help me……..

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Spring Season Second Impressions

The second week of the spring season and this are my accumulated thoughts for the week. All contents are referring to the episodes aired this week, unless stated otherwise.

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Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 03

Suzumiya Haruhi

Haruhi continues on a winning streak even with the bad news being broken out about it. Personally, I feel nothing about it, as shown with this episode, it seems like no problem for KyoAni to bring out the potential of the series and most of my thoughts about it can be summarised here . I also need the OP & ED singles of Haruhi more than oxygen and I need to stop watching the Haruhi dance too… i think I’ve watched it 10^n (where n= 9384829478) times _|-|0”’……. must resist the tempation to dance…….

Report for SOS-dan 03

Haruhi-sama decides to acquire a *pasocom* for the club, and with subordinate no.1, Asahina-chan and subordinate no.2, Kyon, they requisition one from the Computer Club. However, the Computer Club puts up a bit of bureaucratic hindrance, so Haruhi-sama decides to cut the red tape, with help from subordinate no.1, Asahina-chan. In the end….**Pasocom GET!!**.

Continuing on, while subordinate no.2, Kyon, is given the task of designing the webpage of the SOS-dan, Haruhi-sama decides to promote the club with subordinate no.1, Asahina-chan. Employing the unconventional yet brilliant method of bunny girl costumes, Haruhi-sama and Asahina-chan successfully promotes the club, until some ignorant and unenlightened authorities stop them, citing technicalities…. the commoners, pfft….

On the next day, SOS-dan takes a rest though, so I decide to take a sidetrip to investigate the lives of subordinate no.2, Kyon. He seems to be the common type of guy, and I was about to leave when he suddenly rushed out on his bike, heading towards the park, where unexpectedly he meets up with Yuki Nagato, Literary Club member. Interestingly, they head back to Yuki’s apartment and I follow them sliently. For the interests of the SOS-dan, I decide to record their conversation and although it doesn’t make sense, it seems that Yuki Nagato is implying that she and Haruhi-sama aren’t ordinary people (of course! Who can beat our ravishing Haruhi-sama?) and Yuki Nagato is some kind of an organic interface of an information network, or in short, an *uchuujin*. Haruhi-sama would be glad to hear this……..

Report written by,
Kurogane Shiroikaze
(SOS-dan Phantom Scribe)

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Tokko 01

Hmm… how do I start here….. well, Tokko is Tooru Fujisawa-sensei’s newest work after the influential GTO, and being a fan of him, I just had to check this out.

Seems like Tokko has nicely survived the transition from manga to anime though, based on what little I remember reading a long time but I have to reread the manga again to make sure. But as far as I’m concerned, they’re aren’t cutting down on the blood, gore and fanservice from the manga :).

The *seiyuu* list is pretty impressive already, with Fumiko Orikasa as the lead heroine, as well as Ueda Kana and Kenichi Suzumura in it. Their voicing is pretty much enough reason to watch.

On the side of art and animation, Fujisawa-sensei’s art style is evident here and the animation is pretty much OK, without much to complain about from me, but then, my standards seems to be have gotten lower recently :P. The little katana-swinging scenes in this episode shows much promise for being good. Definitely following on this series.

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Fate/Stay Night 15


I can already hear the screams of a million (perverted) Fate/Stay Night fanboys due to the infamous “mana replenishment” scene being edited to some lame CG dragon eating Shirou. But at least, being a Rin fanboy, I did get to enjoy this episode, especially for Rin flirting with Saber :P.

Anyways, Shirou continues to bore me on as usual, and Saber seems to be in the *dere-dere* phase already, after her “mana replenishment” scene. Archer!!! I want you back!!!!!

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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 02

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

As an anime blogger, I feel that it’s my honourable duty to spread the awesomeness that is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. No other anime has made me feel this kind of fear, not even Jigoku Shoujo. Surely, the top three “Made of Pure Win” shows this season would undoubtably be **Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu**, **Ouran High School Host Club** and none other than **Higurashi no Naku Koro ni**.

Undoubtably, the best types of horror would be in situations that are supposed to be peaceful and normal, somthing like a child’s toy or cries, or in the case of anime, the setting of a normal harem-esque story revolving on one guy (preferbly wimpy) that somehow attracts the best specimens of the female kind around him. Now, take this setting and have all the girls being murderers, while the guy is about to discover their dirty little secret and has to fight for his survival. Both surreal and horrifying at the same time.

So, continuing on from last week, what we thought would degenerate in to a slash-fest, fizzles out and the whole cast instead go for a festival, where Kira… oops, I meant Keiichi (am I the only one who thinks of Kira whenever he speaks?) discovers about a serial murder case in the town he’s living in, apparently conneted to a dam construction project that was stopped long time ago, in which every year, on a particular day, someone would be murdered, from the cameraman that appeared last week.

After receiving the unsettling news, the next day, he’s sought out by an inspector, who reveals that Mr. Camera Guy was the latest victim. Hearing about that and adding up all the hints he’s had, he has a conversation with Mr. Inspector over the phone, which unfortunately got overheard by one of the girls.

Admiteddly, my sucky and lame summary doesn’t do it justice. Really, watch this show. The OP by **Eiko Shimamiya** from **I’ve Sound** is already worth the download.

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