Koi desu~~~

Have you ever felt like someone in the agony aunt columns in newspapers?
Have you ever felt to stay beside someone to support them?
Have you ever felt the desire to see someone special to be happy?
To feel bad when that someone is in trouble and you can’t help?
To feel inferior to other people?
To get worried not seeing them, paranoidly thinking of what might be happening?

Ahhhhh~~~~~, now I think I understand what is it to be in love with someone…………

Yes, I think I’m in love, or at the least in a crush with someone. I’m now feeling something like in the agony aunt columns in newspapers, where A likes friend B, but doesn’t dare to confess, afraid of rejection and not being able to return to friends again. Ahh~~~, now I really have a new found respect for male leads like Keitaro and the people in agony aunt columns :P. I just really wonder, to my naive self, that is this really love or just a simple crush I have? Yeah, now I understand about the complexities of falling in love.

As in for other things, I haven’t been keeping up with my anime watching recently. The past 3 days have been very very crazy, and I’ve done a host of crazy things like smoking *shisha’s*, to playing basketball from 2am to 7am in the rain to not miss an 8am class to blowing my month’s allowance in one week(and skipping class as well) on bowling, pool and other stuff. As a result, I really haven’t got much time to sit in front of the PC, much less watch or blog. Only managed to find some time now(and also to prove to people that I’m not dead yet :P) to put this post up, sigh….

I still haven’t gotten the GACC photos yet from my friend, but it seems that there’ll be an appreciation dinner for all the comittees involved in GACC, so I might most probably get it then (or tomorrow, when there’s a meeting).Well, it’s not as if the standards of Malaysian cosplay has reached the levels seen in Taiwan, Japan and other places, but it is getting quite good :).

Shows that I’ve managed to catch recently include Mai Otome 23*(Nice usage of the Elements Otome Robe there, Mai)*, Shakugan no Shana 23*(the show is really getting quite weak in the ending)*, Magikano 10*(OK Chrismas themed episode, but not as good as the previous ones)*, Fate/Stay Night 11*(Finally! Shinji Shirou grows a back bone!)* and Kaga Kara Mamoru 9 and 10 *(getting really illogical this few episodes, from aliens to mole men, WTF?!)*.

Ah, I really don’t know when I can resume normal blogging. Studies and other stuff are really hectic this semester here, plus with the fact I seem to be losing my fanboy-ness to anime recently, so I might be putting this blogging thing in to semi-hiatus, as I might pop in and post about stuff from time to time. I do wonder if anyone’s still reading my blog :P.

P.S.: Oh, and moyism’s back for the Spring Season, with a new blog and stuff. Good to see ya back, moy!! Speaking of that, I still don’t really know what shows are coming out this spring, I’ll probably just grab all the raws I can find then slowly make my way through them :P.


  1. Stripey Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 1:32 am

    Woo ho ho! Someone get Kuro-kun a beer! :) As Mikoto would say, ” Love is good! Umm!” Just curious… is she a Tsunderekko? :)

  2. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 1:51 am

    Err… not really. She’s kinda like the clumsy type a bit, but I really can’t classify her under normal anime stereotypes anyways :). Just a normal average(fun-loving) girl, I guess. I don’t feel like disclosing too many details for now, until I get enough courage to confess :P.

  3. Stripey Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 1:59 am

    That’s real sweet… :) Ganbatte!

  4. Byakko Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 2:45 am

    so love >> anime eh? Not bad, helps dispell the notion that watching too much anime will make you unattracted to real life girls. ^_^ good luck =) talk in the channel sometime. xD

  5. jpmeyer Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 4:35 am

    This is so going to turn into Densha Otoko

  6. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 7:34 am

    @Byakko: I try to, but it seems that I’m always not around when I’m watching the channel, and vice-versa.

    @jpmeyer: Don’t worry, I’m not going to let it to.

  7. Haesslich Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 11:37 am

    I’d suggest talking a bit more, getting comfortable.. and then maybe offer to go out with her sometime. Let it develop without trying to rush or force things.

    Magikano 11 was the Christmas ep, BTW – and yes, Shirou finally redeemed himself (somewhat) in F/SN 11, with his speech about killing Magicians… and the fact that he actually ordered Saber into combat while taking care of the other Master himself, which showed he wasn’t a completely useless bastard. That honor belongs to Shinji, this week, who did everything but pee himself in fear. :D

  8. Syaoran Li Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 12:34 pm

    Welcome to this world my friend.
    Take step by step; then you can enjoy every second spend with her…
    Never rush anything.

    Gambatte… and good luck

  9. twh Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 3:03 pm

    *thumbs up* Awesome, simply awesome.

  10. Kiryuu Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 6:30 pm

    > Have you ever felt like someone in the agony aunt columns in newspapers?
    instantly remembers Arasu Tooru-san in Assorted Shana 1 ^^;

    well… having a crush is crashing to a wall, the hard part is to decide which way to go after that. :)
    BTW, how’s the voice ?

  11. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    March 23, 2006 @ 11:13 pm

    @Haesslich & Syaoran: Yes, I’m enjoying every second I spend with her right now. I’m taking it slow, don’t worry. I’m still quite confused with my feelings about her right now, but I definitely have some feelings for her.

    @Kiryuu: Yes…. it is quite confusing to have crush. I’m also not sure wheather to take the next step or not, as I feel as if she’s not really into relationships now.. She is popular, yes, and a few guys have been after her, but she hasn’t really shown interest to them. Oh, and…. what voice?

  12. u noe me Said,

    March 27, 2006 @ 12:13 am

    yeah dude relax, i know that she must be THE ONLY ONE lovable girl and alot of guys are hunting her, dont try to skip classes just to be with her and REMEMBER this girls are a DEVIL in DISGUISE… Yeah they maybe sweet, lovely , funny, happy to stay with, confortable. But remember you have your own life and you maybe confused between friendship and love … When comes to a very close friends its a very hard thing to say especially when its a female you may go over the board with some of your feelings and loose things around you.

    Just be carefull, think everything out carefully & think about the consenquences, you have to think about this actually… You may loose alot of stuff on this way , IS IT WORTH TO SACRIFICE THEM think about it.

    Enjoy & remember every single second you spend with her and dont rush over anything. I have lost a good friend coz i thought it was shaping to a love and now only can see her in my memories only.

    Relationship is a very complicated thing to be explained plain simply …

  13. i have been requested to write fifteen 150 word reviews about each of these blogs at 見ないで! 恥ずかしい… Said,

    July 22, 2006 @ 10:17 am

    […] Kurogane was actually the inspiration for Densha Otoko. No, seriously. One day, like most healthy young girls men (who are also potatos), his body had its urges. Our hero then made a post on 2ch blogsuki about this fair maiden and drew strength from the words of inspiration from the peanut gallery, such as “It doesn’t matter if the person giving is the true expert of love, the best advice on love is from your friends and family” and “Just curious…is she a Tsunderekko?”. […]

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