Mai Otome 22

Well, Sunrise seems to be putting Otome back into full swing, as this episode has more action that the past 6-7 episodes combined. Plus….. **WE HAVE MAI BACK!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! YATTA!!!!!!**

Anyways, Otome still won’t win for story since as jason points out, it’s full of Sunrise plot contrivances. But at the least, this episode was filled with crazy lesbian action, corny acronyms, and emo pilots Otomes going SSJ.

First off, the Valkyrie robes weren’t really what I expected, but they’re still quite cool in their own right.One thing though, they really look more masculine rather than feminine.

Other than that, we have Aoi shown as not dead (well pretty much expected), MIYU acting pretty cool, with her trademark sword and weapon system, though I don’t know how to explain how she can *gattai* with the bird. Mai and Mikoto finally appear after 22 episodes of suffering through Arika, albeit only for 5 seconds, and the bloody preview has Mai, Mikoto, Arika and Mashiro in the *onsen*. Damn you Sunrise.

Anyways, got a test in half an hour, gotta go.


  1. Dexter Sayas Said,

    March 13, 2006 @ 5:55 am

    That episode was cool. Fia Gross gets killed in a cool way, MIYU pierced Sergay, he deserved it for protecting that b**** Tomoe and Nina getting owned by MIYU’s Artemis Sword. Then Finally we have the appearance of Mai and Mikoto.

  2. edward Said,

    March 16, 2006 @ 4:03 am

    there’s something wrong with nina for sure.. she definitely has an issue.. high-temper and short-minded girl is a big no-no…

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