Mai Otome 21

SHIT, just when I think it can’t get any worse, Mai Otome has a half decent episode.

Seems like Nina *might* be the real princess, there’s something funny about Mikoto, and Mashiro regains a bit of coolness. Oh, and Mai seems to be making an appearence next episode… but what’s with that ladle? One can only wonder….

There was quite some humour in this episode, ranging from Shiho’s extremely surreal *maki-maki* dreams, right down to Nao’s extremely funny “Hitchhiking again?” comment to ol’ Natsuki. Shizuru meanwhile, has somehow sunk in to the abyss, with that extremely uncool behavior of her with the toys and Tomoe. One only hopes that she’s actually planning something, but somehow she’s not giving off the vibe of someone trying to back stab.

Mashiro regains her coolness factor a little here, and I’m quite happy to see the effort that Sunrise has been putting in to Mashiro’s character development finally exceuted nicely here, with her efforts to help her people, even with the corny plot devices and the reused stock footage (must Sunrise do that so much?!) .

The best things about the episode I guess, must be the confirmation that Sunrise might be putting in the twist of Nina actually being the real princess, which raises the question now of who’s the real daughter of Rena, and potentially, who’s the third wheel in the trio? The other one is of course, the hints of Mai appearing in the preview, which I hope will be able to lift Otome out from the quagmire it’s in right now. At the least, if it’s gonna suck, let it suck harder.

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