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Diebuster 5

Source: Gainax Top Images

Holy shit, I say…. pure holy shit…..

I have to admire the way that Gainax can sooo stretch logic, yet make it so dramatically believable. Suspension of belief is really required on this episode.


– Explanation on the “Uchuu Kaijuu” being really the defenders of the solar system and confirming a lot of speculation
– Nono almost getting… err…. raped(?) by that guy(forgot his name).
– The procession of about a billion or so “Uchuu Kaijuu” following Nono’s commands.
– The idioticness of the captain to go disturb Nono thus causing the Space Monster to appear.
– Nono saving Lark, telling her of the story of someone she admired(speculated to be Noriko) and then inviting her to fly.
– Lark, using her Exotic Manuever to grab a *planet* and then *throwing* it to the Space Monster.
– The final scene, where Nono, supposedly lets the Space Monster warp away, and prisons Lark with the space fleet that followed her, using the “Uchuu Kaijuu”.

I’d better not wait too long for the 6th episode……. the excitement is killing me…. Hey! I regained some of my fanboyism :).

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I hate myself……

Love is seriously messing me up…..

Ever since I’ve come in terms with my feelings earlier, I’m feeling even more confused than before. I think I’m also getting quite a lot of negative feelings as well, mostly because of jealousy,I guess, which kinda makes me do really stupid things.

In fact, I’m actually back at my hometown right now, and I’m resenting every moment of it, as I can’t see her (plus of course, I’m under a load of ‘lecturing’ by my parents :P). Now I know, firsthand, on why love can be such a powerful driving force.

Sad to say, consequently, I’m not watching anime nor even interested in doing other stuff(like blogging), other than to find ways to spend time with her _|-|0”’. My superego and id are seriously clashing with each other on stupid things like, whether should I learn pool or not (since she has a serious preoccupation with it now) to installing Yahoo! Messenger (FYI, I’ve hated using official IM clients as they’re too feature bloated) just to use some extra features.

I’ve tried to do other stuff actually, like watching movies or reading books, to try and distract myself from thinking about her, but everything that I do… somehow my brain manages to connect it back to her and now, I’m actually writing all this out on my blog, haha.

Conciously, I somewhat do realise that this is a stage I might grow out from, and that I might love another one later, but this is the first time in my life, I’ve seriously having this feelings. I’m really sorry to the readers of my blog, expecting witty write-ups(yeah, right) and reviews on anime, as this blog is meant to be, instead, getting stupid and inane ramblings about an immature 18-yr old rambling about his first love :P, but I assure you, I *will* try to keep this blog back on track ;), especially(and hopefully) when the Spring Season goes on full swing.

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Shakugan no Shana 24 [END]

Source: Guren

The last episode of the series sees the end of the Ball Masque arc and Shana finally coming into terms with her feelings towards Yuuji.

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Koi desu~~~

Have you ever felt like someone in the agony aunt columns in newspapers?
Have you ever felt to stay beside someone to support them?
Have you ever felt the desire to see someone special to be happy?
To feel bad when that someone is in trouble and you can’t help?
To feel inferior to other people?
To get worried not seeing them, paranoidly thinking of what might be happening?

Ahhhhh~~~~~, now I think I understand what is it to be in love with someone…………

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GACC 2006

Dead tired now… after returning from GACC, which ironically was the reason I haven’t blogged or watched a single episode of anime this week. Was busy with the promotion booth throughout the week, and then yesterday and today, I was helping out on setting up and running the whole event. The effort was quite worth it though :).

First off, the event was quite highly publicised and was timed to coincide with a few other major events my university was holding on that day plus the school holidays, so attendance was quite good, with the amount of visitors ranging to over 1k to 1.5k people. Luckily, we chose the biggest venue in the uni to hold it, so it didn’t really felt cramped or overcrowded even with the number of people attending it.

Secondly, the amount of cosplayers was quite high compared to past events I’ve attended and to add to it, the quality of the cosplaying was one of the highest I’ve seen in recent times in Malaysia, so I was quite enjoying myself admiring the increase in quality of cosplay, especially the one who cosplayed as Haruko from FLCL, which I might add is quite a brave choice to cosplay in as, and luckily she did had the spunk of Haruko from FLCL, judging from the interesting things I’ve heard and also by the fact she won the cosplay competition. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see the events on stage as I got (myself)assigned to a place(Gempak booth) where I couldn’t see the stage T_T.

Other than that, the other events were quite interesting, as we had a M:TG tournament and a PS2 competition going on at the same time as well, so the visitors at least had something that caters to each other’s interest.The vendors in the event were also quite good, as I managed to find quite a lot of interesting things, ranging from a 1/6 scale Rin Tohsaka Swimsuit Edition Model (which almost made me wanted to commit a crime) to Ichigo Mashimaro and Evangelion gashapons. In the end, I settled on buying the EVA gashapon, as it was the full set of the Loligoth Asuka set, plus it was quite cheap, and now I have the full set sitting on top of my monitor. Rin’ll have to wait for a while. She’s darn expensive :P. To think back on it, this is actually the first time I’ve really bought anime collectibles :P.

I’ll have to excuse for the lack of pics for the time being. I really want a digicam for this events :P.

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Fate/Snore Night 10

***Warning:*** *This post should be taken with a pinch of salt. No F/SN fanboys have been harmed in the production of this post.*

Fanservice episode this time, although more focused on Shirou and Saber, so it was kinda too bad for me, being a Rin fanboy and all. Rin did win the show with her sleepyheadedness in the beginning….. *moeeee~~~~!!!!!*

Ok, now let’s see what this episode brought us. First off, we had Saber fanservice, no doubt a lot of fanboys have been waiting for that. Then, we have Shirou awakening his inner roripedofin with Ilya. Next up, we have…… oh, that’s all?

Well, so you can see, even for a fanservice episode, Fate is still getting more and more boring. Plus the fact that Rin was absent for most part makes it even more boring…. God… what happened to all the action and fights that were promised in the Curtain Raiser…. haizz…. where’s the plot development dude? Shirou *is* no Rin, we don’t want to see him for the wuss he is, we already know that.

Sigh… they could’ve just put in Rin for an extra 3-4 minutes or more and I wouldn’t be complaining that much…. I seem to be watching F/SN now just because of her. Dang… she’s really the (forgive my abuse of language) *moe*-est *tsunderekko* I’ve seen to date :P. I want a Rin *dakimakura*~~~.

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Mai Otome 22

Well, Sunrise seems to be putting Otome back into full swing, as this episode has more action that the past 6-7 episodes combined. Plus….. **WE HAVE MAI BACK!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! YATTA!!!!!!**

Anyways, Otome still won’t win for story since as jason points out, it’s full of Sunrise plot contrivances. But at the least, this episode was filled with crazy lesbian action, corny acronyms, and emo pilots Otomes going SSJ.

First off, the Valkyrie robes weren’t really what I expected, but they’re still quite cool in their own right.One thing though, they really look more masculine rather than feminine.

Other than that, we have Aoi shown as not dead (well pretty much expected), MIYU acting pretty cool, with her trademark sword and weapon system, though I don’t know how to explain how she can *gattai* with the bird. Mai and Mikoto finally appear after 22 episodes of suffering through Arika, albeit only for 5 seconds, and the bloody preview has Mai, Mikoto, Arika and Mashiro in the *onsen*. Damn you Sunrise.

Anyways, got a test in half an hour, gotta go.

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Expert in limits = Godhood?


……. god… it’s been a while since I’ve posted….. and I’m still being ORZ’ed academically, especially on the subject of limits in calculus. I swear, my lecturer can be a god, for goodness sake, he can “create something out of nothing” just by “manipulating” it…… I’m like, “What the….. oh shi…. no f**king way!!!!”. Dang, I’m calling him “Kami-sama” right now, since he seems to be somehow omnipotent (in limits). I also realised that he could be easily become a politician, since that’s what they all seem to excel in (read:Bush, George on WMD’s in Iraq).

On other subjects, it’s not much better, since I’m presenting a drama for English class, and somehow I end up in a group of me with another 4 girls and I’m *supposed* to crossdress ^_^;;;. Yeah, girls can be pretty scaaaary at times……

Also I’ve got an academic essay to write about, and my group has chosen the topic of banning the legalization of prostitution, which seems to be easy enough, unless you count in the requirement of getting printed materials and the fucking library over here is pretty much quite “useful”, since most of the stuff they have are all online materials >:).

On other matters, well, we have an exam just about every Friday for the next few weeks, which doesn’t even give me time to relax on the weekends. Fun. Yep. Fun.

So well, basically, I seem to have almost no time for hobbies (read:watching anime, blogging) right now, since even my toliet trips need to be scheduled.With the amount of stuff I’m having to work with right now, I’d need at least 30 hrs a day just to complete them *and* have time to devote to my hobbies, so my loyal readers, please don’t bang me much _|-|0…. I’ll blog if I can, but then….my brain’s stressed out so much, I wonder if I have anything good left to say.

Oh, and P.S., the Nana Mizuki Live in Budokan concert was quite good, looking forward for a video of her 2006 concert :).

P.S.2. : Shana 22 was meh, but Noto-sama’s moaning is made of win. Magikano 10 was darn bloody crazy. I’ll never look at panties the same way again.

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Pita Ten

Pita Ten

Tee hee hee. Just finished this little heartwarming series.

It’s been quite a while since I watched this types of show, so I really took my time to finish this. Quite enjoyable and kinda helped me get over the rough times I’m experiencing now.

All the characters are really likable, even Misha-san with her devilish troublemaker thing going on. Shia is the usual perfect mother figure-esque type, with her usually providing the rest with food ( I doubt they’ll survive long without her *bentos* :p). Koboshi-chan is also quite cute too, with her playing the *tsunderekko* of the series, while both Kotaro-kun and Ten-chan are really quite great male characters, heck, I’ve said it before that not even half the people on the Bounty List will be able to match up to them, really. In fact, I’d gladly support them for a future harem master role :P.

The story is basically comedy, with a nice touching ending written in. I was gladly enjoying the antics of the gang, especially the *onsen* episode where poor Kotaro-kun got…. “washed” by Misha-san. Other nice parts are the episodes where Koboshi takes the lead, the hospital ones and the ending episodes as well :). One thing a bit lacking was character development, but it’s pretty fine for a show like Pita Ten.

As for art, it’s quite simple, yet elegant, and somehow old-school in a way, which adds to the enjoyment.Quality was quite consistant throughout, without much deviation, working out to be pretty good.

As for other factors, *seiyuu* power was very much obvious in this series, with Yukari Tamura (Nanoha, Tomari) playing Misha-san pretty well, emphasising on her uniquely nasal voice and also with the “tee hee hee” and “-su” that is Misha’s trademark and is quite stuck in my head. Rie Kugimiya (Shana, Alphonse Elric) plays Koboshi-chan nicely, Yukana (Tessa) fits in well with Shia-chan, and other high-power *seiyuu’s* in other roles, making it a joy to watch.

As for music, Pita Ten has quite a nice soundtrack that fits in perfectly, but does not really take the spotlight away from the show. The OP, sung by Funta, and ED, sung by Miyuki Sawashiro, are quite nice and fits well with the series too.

Overall, a nice show to watch, with a lot of enjoyable factors to it. Pita Ten earns a 8/10 from me.

**Rating:** 8/10

– Really likable characters.
– Great, clean comedy, suitable for all ages to watch, can be quite a good series to introduce anime.
– Nicely done ending.
– *Seiyuu* power!! Look at all the great names in the cast list ;).

-Not really much, just lacking in the character development parts a bit.

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Just a little plug to help out my local anime club, EMiNA, which is hosting an event called GACC, or Games, Anime and Comics Circle, which will be a gathering for anime, manga and gaming fans in one roof to interact, socialize, bla bla, etc… Well, I’m sure you all get the idea.

They’ve got a nice website set up at, with all the info and stuff for the event, so if anyone’s free that day, please come and join and support the local otaku scene :).

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