Shakugan no Shana Assorted CD Volume 01

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A short CD with 2 singles sung by Rie Kugimiya and Ayako Kawasumi, 2 radio dramas and a bunch of BGM’s.A pretty good CD, especially with the 2 radio dramas included in it, that are so funny, it made me LMAO.Here’s a short summary of both dramas…

The first one, Alastor no Kunou, features Alastor in the main seat, as he asks Yuuji for a favour, which is to help him write a *hagaki* to send to Marjery, who apparently has a popular *nayami soudan* show on the radio, as he wants to keep this a secret to Shana, as so not to lose his standing in front of her. Taking the chance while Shana’s in the bath, they start to argue on writing the postcard, until Shana suddenly appears and questions them, leading Alastor to rat Yuuji out, saying that he’s got problems. Shana starts to get angry with him as he’s not consulting her about that too, and leaves to get *meronpan*, saying that she’ll question him more when she comes back.

With her out of the way, they start to write now, Alastor reveals that he’s been suffering a lot of stress due to *ningen kankei*, mentioning something about being ogled as a pendant, when suddenly, Kazumi barges into the room, citing her dog, Ekaterina as an excuse. Surprised at the sudden disturbance, Yuuji and Alastor start to think how to deal with this, but this allows Yoshida to read the half completed postcard and starts to cry, saying that she didn’t realise that Yuuji was having so much stress.

Shana “conveniently” returns at this moment, and is shocked to see Yoshida crying in Yuuji’s room, and gets angry when Yoshida starts to “share” Yuuji’s “problem” around, leading to a humourous exchange of words, in which Ike suddenly gets blamed as Yuuji’s source of stress by Kazumi. The transcript :

Yoshida: (crying) My heart hurts…..
Yuuji: Even if you’re crying like that….
Shana: (comes in) Tadaima…..why is Yoshida Kazumi crying?!!
Yuuji: Sha.. Shana!!
Yoshida: Hear this Yukari-chan, Sakai-kun is being troubled by human relationships, in school, in home, stress is building up.
Shana: Human relations?
Yuuji: Ano… that’s a misunderstanding….err, Yoshida-san, isn’t the appearance of Shana here troubling you?
Yoshida: This things are just a coincidence.
Shana: Yuuji! What’s the meaning of this? Why are you telling Yoshida-san about your problems instead of me?
Yuuji: I didn’t…
Shana: Then explain!
Yuuji: If I could, I would’ve….
Shana: Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!
Yoshida: Nee Sakai-kun, how are you being troubled by human relationships? Is it Ike-kun’s glasses too dazzling?
Yuuji: No, it’s not like that…
Yoshida: Is it Ike-kun’s hairstyle? Uniform?!
Yuuji: No, no.. as I’m saying…
Yoshida: So… what part of Ike-kun are you complaining about?
Yuuji: No…. I didn’t say anything on those lines…
Yoshida: Mou…. I can’t forgive Ike-kun!!
Yuuji: That’s not what I’ve been saying….
Shana: Yuuji. Who’s Ike?
Yuuji: Please remember your classmates!
Shana: Ja… I’ll give my meronpan, so please tell me what’s going on.
Yoshida: Ah… I’ve also brought a bento along
Yuuji: Why do you have to bring a bento when you’re walking your dog?
Yoshida: It’s normal politeness :).

Hillarious. That part is worth the whole CD already.

And it actually gets better with the second drama, Yoshida Kazumi no Nikki, which is basically about Yoshida’s “adventures” in school and how she misinterprets every little thing that Yuuji’s doing. After to listening to this though…. I have to say, Yoshida’s the most self delusional character I’ve ever seen in recent times. But’s she’s darn scary though… I can imagine her going all Kaede on Yuuji, if she ever snaps out of her self delusions ^.^;;;;;.

I highly suggest all Shana fans to get this CD, just purely for the sake of the two radio drama’s included in here.



  1. Zyl Said,

    February 26, 2006 @ 10:32 pm

    Thanks for the recommend! For me, Alastor was the star of that drama piece – him imitating the schoolgirls, “Ahh, that pendant is sooo kawaiii!!”, his choice of “Ara-chan” for his radio name and his excited reaction to Margery’s reading of his postcard and her advice.

  2. Syaoran Li Said,

    February 27, 2006 @ 8:46 am

    Oh Really!

    I need to learn more japanese as fast as I can to enjoy this kind of stuff.

    I good one fo Alastor. or Ara-chan LOL

    Shakugan no Shana keep ruling me anime list

  3. Syaoran Li Said,

    March 22, 2006 @ 12:42 pm

    Volume 2 is out!
    Finaly my favorite BGM its here… 05 – Peine ^_^
    Two more drams… jejeje enjoy it!

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