Let’s see how badly I fail….

Jason, the most serious fanboy I’ve ever known in the blogosphere did a little post about anime blog quality ratings 2-3 days ago. Let’s see how much I fare at it…..

Blog Itself

+1 point for WordPress. Favortism. Plain and simple. Best thing ever since the advent of the Internet and Firefox.

**Look and Feel**

*+1 point for viewable on small (i.e. 1024 x 768) monitors.* Mine barely fits in though :P.
*+1 point for viewable cross browsers, down to Netscape 4.* Should be :).
*+1 point for quick loading (i.e. should be zero wait when viewed through broadband).*
*+1 point for using good HTML techniques, i.e. specifying width and height tags for images and description tags for links. (Credit: Zyl)* Thanks to Zyl for the heads-up. Still haven’t rewritten my 10k+ screencaps HTML, but I swear any future pictures will all have this.
*+1 point for modifiying readily available theme instead of leaving it “factory stock.”* Running on a heavily (badly) modified Almost Spring theme. Need to modify it more though.


*+1 point for using e-mail address.* There’s a nice “Email me” link on the side bar :).
*+1 point for over one year of anime blogging.* Counting my time on Blogspot(ughhh..) yeah, that’s roughly one year for me.
*+1 point for at least ten posts a month.*
*-1 point for any day with more than five posts. Post dilution theorem.* Can’t help it, sometimes I’m too darn lazy, sometimes, I have tons of energy :P.


*+1 point for keeping a blogroll. Blogrolls are important for community building.*
*+1 point for keeping a blogroll up-to-date. I still see a lot of blogs pointing to this “toybox” thing. By keeping the blogroll up-to-date, it shows that the blogger actually visits blogs on their blogroll and not just put up links for trade. Visiting other blogs is also a big part of community building.*
*+1 point for referencing other blogs once in a while. Again, under this “visiting other blogs is good for community building” canopy.*
*+1 point for lack of comment spam.*
*+1 point for RSS or Atom feed available.*
*+1 point for valid and Magpie parsable RSS or Atom feed. (Credit: James.)* Not sure, I just let WP take care of it.


*+1 point if posts are categorized by series or some other system that makes some sense.*
*+1 point for varied post structure. Not everything needs to be six (or four) images and a paragraph.*
*+1 point for screenshots. I like screenshots.* Ok, maybe not too much recently.
*+2 points for over 30 screenshots an episode. I like screenshots.*
*+1 point for occasional fanservice.*
*+1 point for reviews averaging over 200 words long. I like words.*
*+1 point for punctuation. I like commas. Semicolons are good too. Indifferent about exclaimation marks.*


*+3 points for blogging about crap shows and making fun of them. I 100% understand why people only blog about shows that they like, but it’s always humorous MST3K style to blog about shows that are absolutely junk. How can anyone blog about Final Approach with a straight face?* Does Kagihime count?
*+3 points for using memes that anime watchers would understand but no one else would. (i.e. “Omega symmetrical docking of the year!” and “Minmay Defense”)*
*+3 points for not being afraid to go against popular opinion. I can’t seem to find non-sarcastic/cynical/joking versions for “Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Haardo Gay for Shinn Asuka” and “Final Fantasy Unlimited Is an Action and Emotional Tour-de-Force” in the blogosphere… but if I did, I’d definitely read them.* I seem to have done this with my Otome bashing.
*+3 points for blogging about shows no one else is at the moment. Nadesico in a sea of Mai Otome 4tw.* Again, does Kagihime count?
*+3 points for inclusion of manga reviews. The ratio of anime blogs to manga blogs is like 25 to 1, in other words, about the same ratio of males to females in a class titled, “RF and High-Speed Analog Circuit Design.”* \*points to Sidebar\*
*+3 points for non-generic tone. After reading someone’s blog, one should get a sense of, “That’s one angry person,” “That’s one cheerful person,” or “That’s one witty person.” If the blog fails to convey some sort of emotion through the tone of the writing, it’s generic.* I’m shamelessly admitting to it.

Totals up to 40 :P. Anyways, I still need to improve a crapload of stuff around, especially the “About” page, where everytime I try to sit down and write it, I seem to get stage fright.

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  1. Zyl Said,

    February 23, 2006 @ 5:13 am

    Thanks for the credit! And for humouring my self-righteous nagging. :) I’m pretty I could learn a lot more about improving my own website design… e.g. all that whiteness – screen glare?

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