Eureka Seven 34

The crew of the Gekko-Go discuss about Norbu, who’s being held at the military base of Shito and they prepare for a sub-orbital flight. After the meeting, Holland talks in private with Renton and Eureka about Norbu.

Apparently, they met during the battle in Del Cielo which was the fateful battle which lead the desertion of Holland and Eureka. He was the head priest of the Vodarek and one of Holland’s main objectives was to kill him. He manages to reach the temple that Norbu was in and tries to kill him but fails as somehow, he manages to manipulate the Compac Drive of Holland’s KLF to stop it.

Holland, witnessing his power, questions why he didn’t run away when he knew the military were after him. Bringing him to a cliff overlooking Del Cielo, where he enlightens Holland about the truth behind the Coralians, which have long been seen as monsters. The Coralians are apparently the dreams of the earth itself.

Holland dismisses that and Norbu starts to mention about Sakuya, a girl he met when he was young and was his first love. Holland gets angry until Norbu states that she wasn’t human and that she was the same as Eureka, a Coralian in human form, continuing on that Eureka now is like a blank piece of paper and that she will change based on what that influences her but Dewey and Holland are unable to change her and are now only using her as a tool for destruction.

Holland counters back saying that they’re only protecting the world, but Norbu reveals that they intend to start a second Summer of Love with her to destroy the world because they can’t understand the will of the Earth.Holland, still disbelieving, is surprised when Norbu suddenly slams his hand on the earth and clusters of tree-like formations surround him.

Norbu states that the will of the Earth responded to him and asks him that being a Reffer, why can he read the Trapar waves when they can’t be seen, stating that if they can understand the Trapar, why can’t they understand the will of the Earth as well.

Norbu shows more proof in the form of his powers and summons a Trapar current which runs up the twin towers marking Del Cielo and destroying them and collapses soon after. Holland rushes to him and turns him over, suprised at what greets him, prompting him to ask what he is. Instead of answering, he points to Eureka, who’s arrived on the scene with what-will-be Maurice, Linck and Maeter, asking him if he wants to see her true smile from her heart.

Their conversation is interrupted by the appearence of Norbu’s guards and Holland makes a hasty retreat with Eureka and back in base, he’s punched by Dewey. After that, only did Holland decide to desert the army. The alarm sounds and Holland leaves a piece of advice for them to believe in themselves as they’ve chosen each other, eliciting blushes from both Renton and Eureka.

Heading into sub-orbital flight, they discuss about the course of action to take. Talho is the point person for this plan and she’s needed to infiltrate Shito. This leaves them with a problem of who’s going to pilot the Gekko-Go, which Moondoggie nervously volunteers for as he has a Ship Operator’s license. Disbanding, Talho walks into Holland’s room and tells Holland that she’s pregnant, causing Holland to stop Talho from going, but she’s determined to see this through for the sake of her child and everyone else.

In Shito though, a big commotion is caused when Dewey takes out Norbu for a walk and shows him the things he has done with Orange(?), the Coralian summoning device. Norbu pleads him to stop, but it falls on deaf ears. Taking a walk in a garden on minature landmarks, Dewey questions him but Norbu doesn’t answer, instead taking off his robes to reveal a Compac Drive lodged in his chest, which was what that surprised Holland before and now Dewey as well.

Ah darn, this was a long entry, but this episode was a very important one in terms of backstory and explanations. Written this a bit too long, but it’s still not guranteed accurate :P. A lot of interesting plot lines have been arised with this, such as about Sakuya, the predeccessor of Eureka and possibly Anemone, the reason behind the Compac Drive in Norbu’s body and the Great Whirl(Wall?, Whorl?). Talho’s pregnancy also came as quite a shocker though, but then,well, this just adds to the drama later on :).

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