Eureka Seven 33

In the aftermath of the second Coralian attack, Eureka and Renton try to search for survivors among the ruins but none are in sight. Back in the Gekko-Go, Eureka retires to her room in sadness causing Renton to try and find a way to cheer her back. He accepts advice from the fat scientist (couldn’t catch his name, *gomen*) about making memories with her.

Meanwhile, Talho is looking back at some old pics with her and Holland and reminsces about the past. She finds Holland in the midst of a meeting but decides not to interrupt and heads for the lounge, bumping into Renton who’s even more confused. Talho gives him some advice, and when they pass over an area with good waves, she decides to help them out a little and “forces” the Gekko-Go to land, so they can enjoy some Reffing.

Taking Renton to a storage area, she lends him a long board for Reffing and tells him to use it with Eureka.While Renton does that, the rest of the crew are also enjoying a break, Talho and Holland included. Both of them have a chat that inevitably leads to Holland trying to Ref, but failing miserably thanks to his injuries, but Talho’s confession leads him to make a decision, while Eureka and Renton are enjoying themselves with the longboard.

Back inside the Gekko-Go, Holland announces that he’ll be disbanding Gekkostate, saying from now onwards, he’s heading to rescue and important person and it will most probably be very dangerous and those who want to leave, may do so. After the announcement, he heads back to the bridge, to find that noone’s deserted and Renton saying that they’ll follow him and they head off full speed to their destination.

A pretty laidback episode, and I was supposed to post flood this, but got delayed due to many matters _|-|0;;;;. The third arc of the series seems to be starting now, with them heading off to rescue an important figure that seems to be a Vodarekian priest, Norbu, that seems to hold the hope of uniting humans and Coralians in peace.

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