Magikano 07

The new *meido* from the last episode preview makes and appearance, and yes, she does remind me of Tachibana from Mahoraba, albeit a much more sneakier and crazier one :). Anju is pretty hillarious and I just couldn’t stop laughing at her scenes, especially in her fight in the hospital with Ayumi, leading to some eel-rape :P.

The OP and ED sequences are also changed slightly in this episode, to fit in the new characters for the second half I presume. The OP sequence looks much more interesting now that the last one, and the ED still has those hynoptical dancing *chibi* forms of the characters , why change something that already works great , eh :).

The humour in this episode is also noticebly at a higher “LOL” quality than the past few ones, with the trademark extreme SD/ deformation of characters in full swing here, especially Maika’s ” “transformation”. Even Rika, the pokerfaced character that usually doesn’t get much changes in expression, also wasn’t spared, with her getting the “*tsukkomi*” treatment twice this episode XD.

Haruo greatly suffered this episode as well, with him getting sick and involved in the fights and all. I’d rank to second to Asuta in the “Top Ten Most Abused/Suffering Male Character in Anime This Season” chart. It’s not much wonder that he’s not the brightest bulb in the series, with his sisters constantly hitting him with the Memory Erase Hammer, not to mention the other constant abuse he’s been suffering, from having his soul kidnapped by a ghost to suck the *maryoku* out of him to falling in love with an eel.

However, this episode also quite suffered from bad art, which is quite noticeble, especially on the Yoshikawa *shimai*, specifically for Fuyuno and Chiaki.I guess the spent the budget a bit too much on the new OP and ED sequences :P. Still, it doesn’t really detract that much from enjoying the show, since this episode is all about humour :).

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