Shakugan no Shana 19

Shana admits that she’s a Flame Haze to Kazumi and is about to go find Yuuji when Alastor reminds her of her duty and asks Kazumi to follow her to save the city. Meanwhile, Sakai and Keisaku reveal their identities to each other when suddenly the *jizaishiki*, called **Konno Seibyou**, evolves into a different stage.

Seeing that, Khamsim launches some balls of light to investigate. Marjery spots it and decides to head over to find out who’s the new Flame Haze, which Yuuji also does the same. Marjery and Yuuji reach Khamsim’s place at almost the same time. Yuuji immediately lashes out at Khamsim for involving Kazumi in all this, with Kazumi and Shana overhearing it when they reach there too.

Seeing that, everyone is here, Khamsim decides to start the tuning. Yuuji is against it, but Kazumi says it’s fine and Khamsim initiates the process but it stops suddenly, due to interference caused by the *jizaishiki*.Tanaka contacts Marjery and they pinpoint the center of the *jizaishiki*, which is in the festival. Marjery and Shana head over to try and stop it there.

Reaching there, one the festival tents turns into a big robot and does some funny dance. Speechless, the Flame Hazes detect the appearence of the professor, **Dandankyukyu**, who’s apparently heading in the city using an airship. Yuuji realizes that the airship is the last piece of the *jizaishiki* and alerts everyone to it. Shana and Margery try to stop it but fail and in the end, Khamsim summons out a stone giant who easily swats down the airship. In the aftermath, Kazumi confesses to Yuuji and tells him that he’s human, not a Torch.

Morning comes and Khamsim resumes the tuning. Khamsim asks her to recall back the image of her city and she does so, coming out with a warm image of the city that touches Yuuji’s heart, making him remember back on the city that he was born and grew up in. This saddens Shana as she thinks that Yuuji now won’t follow her away from the city as he’ll be unable to leave it and runs off midway through the tuning, bumping into none other than Wilhelmina, de arimasu~~.

Meanwhile, back at the Ball Masque headquarters, Belpeol reprimands Dandankyukyu, who apparently survived and reports that all is fine as it was just only an experiment and the show ends with a shot of Hecate praying.

That was quite a quick end to this arc but I’m still impressed by it as this arc was more about the unveling of the hidden feelings and threads that connect all the characters. Kazumi finally confesses to Yuuji, although I think that Yuuji will still choose Shana in the end.

The best part of this episode is undoubtably the reappearence of Wilhelmina de arimasu~~~. I actually jumped for joy when I saw her appear before a fallen down Shana, with Shana sporting a look combining both surprise and relief. For Shana, Wilhelmina’s appearence is rightly timed as she’s having some painful problems right now and she’ll need a parental figure to turn to, of which Wilhelmina is.

The next episode seems to feature Wilhelmina quite prominently and it seems she’ll be staying over in Yuuji’s place as well. The eyecatch this time was quite good as well, with Hecate in yukata…. the producers are being very very nice to the fans this few episodes :). Now, the only one’s left is Wilhelmina in a yukata as well :P.


  1. Haesslich Said,

    February 16, 2006 @ 4:48 pm

    Eh, I’m kinda hoping that Shana gets left out, de-arimasu, regarding the relationship angle. Kazumi earned major points by her confession and she actually seemd to CARE about Yuuji… unlike Shana, whose affection for him seems a little… obsessive and selfish, as suggested by the ‘you don’t need to chase after her, you have me! We’re together!’ speech she made after watching Kazumi run off last episode. And, if they’re following the novels… Wilhemina doesn’t like Yuuji at all, either. And Shana seems to put much stock in the woman’s opinion, so…

    Well, maybe Chigusa can sort things out. :D

  2. Syaoran Li Said,

    February 16, 2006 @ 9:18 pm

    Yuuji no baka!

    Where is all that crap he say like “Stay with Shana for ever” or “If I have Reiji Majio, can I live forever? Stay forever with Shana?” Where is all that crap now. I know Shana could be selfish with what she say last episode, but she is still a kid, and doesn’t kwon to much about love and how to show her feelings. But, since it seems like Kasumi won a few points here, make me think Yuuji wll have to chouse soon or later.

    I said before, Yuuji no baka! baka! baka!
    I hiope…. forget it, is not the same case.

  3. Kurogane Said,

    February 16, 2006 @ 11:20 pm

    @Haesslich: Shana’s actions are really more of the product of her upbringing. She wasn’t exactly raised in normal circumstances and prior to becoming a Flame Haze, she only had Wilhelmina, Shiro(Merihim) and Alastor as guardians/parents.

    Further more, they were training her to become a Flame Haze, not to become a Yamato Nadeshiko, so it’s understandable that she’s not going to be quite perfect in the love angle.

    @Syaoran: Yuuji isn’t as bad as many other male harem characters. Granted, he might be a bit more clueless than most, but at the least, his heart’s at the right place given his anger towards Khamsim for involving Kazumi in all this mess.

  4. Haesslich Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 12:46 am

    Perfect? As others have pointed out – she’s a child, and acts that way… which means that her lack of ability to express herself will become a serious problem, especially since this means that, if she doesn’t sort things out and talk with Yuuji (or Chigusa doesn’t make them talk), then he’ll keep getting the wrong idea and it’s Game Over as far as Shana’s feelings for Yuuji will be concerned; he’ll be convinced it’s a business-only relationship or she’s using him because he’s a Torch, rather than having any genuine feelings for him.

    And, like I noted before, from what I’ve been reading, Wilhemina doesn’t like Yuuji… so any advice she dispenses may very well be detrimental to any relationship hopes that ShanaxYuuji fans might have for the pair. He’ll have to leave town with her; that’s almost a given. Whether they travel as friends, as a pair who have to do so due to Yuuji’s Torch ability, or as a couple… that’s another story.

  5. Syaoran Li Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 4:20 am

    I think Shana is afraid, she is afraid of losing Yuuji; the only one who could see her more than just a Flame Haze, the only one who had the courage to keep fighting against all odds: being a torch, being a Mistess, acknowledge his own existence, aware of the consequences if he make a mistake. These are my reasons for argument on her side, and I hope she can find some courage to express her feelings, because Yuuji, as Kurogane said, is a little bit clueless in this sort of things too. The only think that trouble me is the way Yuuji took Kasumi’s words “You’re warm… you’re human…” He is a torch, but his body still has a human form, so I don’t know why he feels so touched after the city was tuned. Sooner or later we’re going to find out if these words have an impact in him and his decisions. One thing is clear, Yuuji basically is not a human anymore, but he can live as much as his flame burns.

    Let’s keep watching until the last word was said. Greetings

  6. Haesslich Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 4:53 am

    Syaoran: I suspect the reason Yuuji felt touched here was because Kazumi said that she saw him as something other than a Torch, which is the same reason you say that Shana likes Yuuji. Shana has yet to say anything to him in the past few episodes which would have a similar impact, or even to admit to herself that she likes him… much less telling him how she feels. He’s not human – he was able to do things in the previous episode that indicated he wasn’t.. but he won’t be burning out all that quickly either, and as long as he remains replenished, he’ll continue to persist in some fashion or another – whether he’s with Shana or not.

    Shana got seriously owned in the last few episodes, though – Kazumi cracked Yuuji’s shell, got his attention, and all by doing things more directly than Shana. These are traits I would not have associated with the stalkerish feelings she had for him, especially at the start of the series. Now if Shana actually talks with Yuuji, then they MIGHT have a shot at being friends as well as partners. Right now, those hopes are getting more and more remote with each passing minute.

    I do want to see how Wilhemina and Chigusa interact, however. :D

  7. Kurogane Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 11:50 am

    You’re all forgetting something here…. Shana’s a *tsunderekko* ;).

    And yes, Yuuji was very much touched by Kazumi’s statement that she seems him as a human. Yuuji, as this episode shows, had totally accepted the fact that he’s not alive anymore, and that he’s more of a shell of his former self.

    He’s only managed to maintain his memories, feelings and thoughts, mostly due to the fact that he possesses the Reiji Maigo, which grants practical immortalilty to it’s owner and possibly even more.

    He’s also accepting the fact that he *will* be targeted by a lot of other people for his Reiji Maigo, which will possibly cause the people who are dear to him, like Chigusa, Kazumi, and his school friends suffer, which he did painfully realize earlier in the series with Friagne attacking.

    It’s pretty much clear cut that he’ll be leaving town, now with the obvious declaration of war sent by the Ball Masque in the form of Dandankyukyu, which could’ve possibly involved tons of other innocent bystanders, from the size of the *jizaishiki* that was in this episode.

    The only question now is his relationship with Shana. Judging from the earlier episodes, he’s already developed some feelings for Shana but he probably isn’t really sure on how to express them to her, seeing that, yes, Shana does act a little harsh to him.

    Wilhelmina will have a big impact in this matter for now, since Shana implicitly trusts her as the person who raised, guided, trained and protected her while she was still growing up. The next episode will most probably be the key episode for the Shana-Yuuji relationship.

  8. Haesslich Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 3:51 pm

    Yup. Kazumi’s upset by the fact that Torches aren’t known for long lifespans… though, as youv’e pointed out, the Reiji Maigo that Yuuji possesses makes him different from most of them. He, however, doesn’t think of himself as strictly human anymore… which makes Kazumi’s confession, as well as her statement (which translated as ‘I still think you’re human, even if you don’t’) all the more important to him; it gives him some faith that someoen besides Chigusa cares… since Shana’s been acting rather hostile and possessive of him otherwise, which can’t be good for his ego or his sense of well-being.

    Even if Shana IS tsunderreko, she’s got a problem here – and part of it’s due to her lack of development emotionally, a situation which was compounded by her status as a Flame Haze.. as well as the general lack of socialization that was a result of her upbringing, a situation which Wilhemina shares some responsibility for. She’s managed to do what only the inept male leads of harem anime usually do – completely misrepresent herself and her intentions to the person she likes, and continue to be so hopelessly inept in expressing herself that Yuuji seems to be getting the wrong ideas about her. Even with her revelations about her past.. well, she’s always shied away from doing anything that would leave her vulnerable in the end; from the ‘reward’ being a melonpan shoved into his mouth, to the dashing off at the end of her background story arc, or even how she tried to cook for Yuuji and danced around the subject of asking him to the Festival. Each time she’s had an opportunity to say or even show in a small way she cares for him… she holds back, hesitates, or does a completely 180-degree turn and leaves him hanging or suffering physically or otherwise. Her behavior towards him is more that of a master towards a somewhat worthless servant… which is not a behavior which most people find endearing, unless the other person is a closet submissive, which Yuuji doesn’t appear to be (Kazumi might be, but that’s beside the point). Even Shinku, if we bring in another anime, knew when not to push her ‘servant’/partner about and even if she really DID feel rather superior to him the whole story arc (something which Shana herself doesn’t seem to think).

    Is it any surprise that Yuuji’s confused at the least, if not a little upset? And, from what I recall of another comment which referenced the novels, Wilhemina may not be the person to push Shana in Yuuji’s direction. Shana may trust her implictly, but that doesn’t mean that the YuujixShana worshippers will get any help from her. I suspect that, if anything, those two leave as partners who may not completely trust one another… but who have to work together anyways, and that hopes for a relationship will be dashed for at least this season, if not a second season (should they pick up one).

  9. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 4:03 pm

    I’m not really implying that Wilhelmina will be the one to progress the YuujixShana relationship to positive levels, but it’s undoubtable that she *will* make an impact towards it. I don’t have the luxury of getting the novels nor am I interested in reading them for now, since I’d like to have an unbiased and unspoiled view of the anime (which is not getting much help, since a number of commenters are revealing things around, not that I mind though) which so far is pretty interesting and engaging for the action,Shana, character development, and oh, *meronpan* as well ;).

    One little problem I see so far is that recently, Yuuji himself hasn’t been getting enough monologue, which he does quite a lot, more specifically on the parts involving his relationship with Shana. We’re still not sure on how he’s going to view what Shana is to him right now. I’m pretty confident though, he’s still caring for Shana. His anger towards Shana from episode 18 stems more from disappointment rather than hatred, since he’s a person who views his friends as important people and cares for them a lot.

  10. Haesslich Said,

    February 17, 2006 @ 11:34 pm

    I’m not saying he won’t care about Shana – but that he may not let things move beyond ‘friendly acquaintance’ the way they’re going… much less friendship, or anything that implies Yuuji x Shana. As I said above, part of the problem is that Shana’s made herself look like a complete ass, and the fact that she herself was the one who told Yuuji he wasn’t human due to his Flame status (Episode 2, as pointed out by another commentator elsewhere), plus the way she’s treated him throughout the series (except the one time she shared melonpan) has not exactly been the type of thing to give Yuuji an impression that she liked him as more than just a power source which happened to be rather convenient.

    You’re right about how he’s the type who cares about his friends – which is why he chased Kazumi, shrugged off Shana when she said ‘we’re together, that’s enough, forget about her!’ (implying that she didn’t care about the others – read: humans – around her, or that he would or should be concerned with anything but her), why he helped Satou out later on… and why he was so worried about Kazumi when Kashim found him an episode later. The rate things are going, unless Chigusa interferes (again), Shana and Yuuji will leave town, but he won’t really be thinking of Shana as a friend, much less as a person interested in him… and Shana’s too stubborn to apologize or express her feelings without being pushed or prodded into doing so.. and instead will turn colder and harsher towards him due to her hurt pride, should he not pay as much attention to her as she wants. If Wilhemina goes with them… well, the hopes may dim further for that, even if Shana starts acting less coldly towards someone (Wilhemina), at least letting Yuuji see that other side of Shana still exists.

  11. Syaoran Li Said,

    February 18, 2006 @ 2:52 am

    I was the one who said that Haesslich (Shana being mean with Yuuji in episode 2)

    As far I know, nether Shana or Yuuji are being honest. Thank you for make me release that Yuuji cares about others in one way or another (like when he cheer up the real Hirai to keep fighting, but fails against reality of the world). Shana has to open a little more if she really loves Yuuji, because at this point she could figure out her feelings towards him. But if you recall, every time she was going to say something about her and Yuuji, the words never came “Yuuji is my… is my…” So she is still wondering if her feelings for him are love or not. Shana said she loved Alastor, Wilhemina and everybody else, but that love was a little different.

    I’m going to stop wandering about their relationship, I wait how the events in the series make it or not for them.


  12. Plant42 Said,

    February 18, 2006 @ 12:59 pm

    I didn’t enjoy Ep19 , and I feel unhappy to watch it .

    Man !!!! This is no good , the anime is almost step out of the novel completely (more than 80% now)

    It’s seem that the series will end completely in Ep24 with it’s original ending , and of course there’ll be no 2nd season .

    That’s suck !!!

  13. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    February 18, 2006 @ 1:17 pm

    That’s why I’m not reading the novels for now, as I’m pretty sure there will be changes. Perhaps I’ll source for them after the anime ends.

    From what I see now, the anime is doing a good job, but it does have that “rushed” feel on the action arcs which I can notice even without reading the manga, but I appreciate the work that J.C. Staff has done on the character development angle. Let’s just hope they’ll manage to pull this off nicely :).

  14. Syaoran Li Said,

    February 18, 2006 @ 1:35 pm

    Got a good point Kurogane

    J.C. Staff make a nice work here (a good one like Hpney & Clover was). For all the people who enjoy Shakugan no Shana, the more different from novels, more enjoyable will be. That’s why manga, anime and now novels exist.

  15. Haesslich Said,

    February 18, 2006 @ 2:54 pm

    Well, as far as anime goes, they can either follow the story slavishly (Kashimashi), they can keep the spirit of the story and follow the manga or novels -somewhat- (like Mahoraba or H&C), or they can go a totally different route from the original novels (Full Metal Panic). Or, they can do like Xebec did, and completely screw up the character designs and storylines (*cough*NEGIMA*hack*).

    Shana seems to be following the second route; they’re keeping the characters and some of the plot points the same, but they’re going their own road… which is only fair, since the novels are still ongoing, last I looked. If they’d created a ‘set’ ending (as Negima did) which was completely at odds with what might come later… well, that makes the fans of the series’ novels or manga unhappy. At the same time, if they’re religious in following the storylines from the source, the anime can be quite… boring, really, unless it’s presented well. Kashimashi’s one of the few anime which has kept the storyline relatively true to the manga while improving on it in parts, while Mahoraba (like Shana) has deviated from the source’s story arcs but kept the spirit and feel similar to the original material.

    Honestly though… Kazumi is seriously owning Shana, as far as their relationships with Yuuji are concerned – the only way she could make things worse right now (Shana, that is) would be to attack him physically or emotionally again, right before they set off on the road to whatever awaits them outside the city, or to kill Kazumi as he watched so she could keep Yuuji all to herself.

  16. bagsybabe Said,

    February 18, 2006 @ 8:34 pm


    i presume (from the title of the next episode) wilhemina is going to tell shana to leave yuuji behind. then it’s up to shana to either get some guts and speak to yuuji or leave and wimp out. i think it’ll be the latter (for one reason or another) yuuji has no idea shana likes him, but does know kasumi likes him. i think if he realised how shana felt, he would go find her
    but how would he find that out? kasumi wouldn’t tell him, that’s completley not in her best interests. chigusa? i doubt it, wilhemina? not if apparently she dislikes yuuji. margery? – see i think she would be capable of it. it would amuse her no end :D
    just a theory, probably a bad one, but i feel kasumi will ultimately lose, shana got close to yuuji, dispite being a pain in the backside and being virtually nasty at times. shana had problems with expressing feelings she was very unfamiliar with, i’ve seen lots of teenage boys do similar things ;)
    if shana sees the way to yuuji’s heart is though kindness, she may change a bit. not alot, but a bit ;)

  17. sasuki Said,

    February 20, 2006 @ 5:00 am

    just one question:did you find a translation of the novels? (in fact I didn’t even see the original so…).because I would like to see the “true” story.
    So if someone know where I could find it it’ll be really nice^___^!

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