Kage Kara Mamoru! 06

Kage Kara Mamoru keep surprises me every week.Initially, I’d thought that it would just a generic harem anime with a ninja theme, with fanservice here and there and disproportionally more than character development and drama.

But it’s given me quite a surprise with it’s pleasant blend of humour and seriousness at times, especially exhibited by Yuuna, who although is quite airheaded most of the time, but is quite serious with her love for Mamoru.

Anyways, this episode we have another girl (the last of them I hope) appearing, who is Kumogakure Hotaru, representing the shy girl stereotype. All is not it seems as although she confesses to Mamoru, but she’s actually a female ninja harbouring revenge on the Kagemori clan as they had “disgraced” her clan in a ninja *taikai* :).


– Mamoru on imagining the prospect of an Airi and Yuuna flood.
– Airi and Yuuna messing up Hotaru’s confession.
– Mamoru and Yamame using the ol’ UFO diversion trick and the effects of the loss of the ninja *taikai* on the Kumogakure clan
– Yuuna sulking in her room.

It’s nice to see Yuuna expertly changing from airhead mode to lovesick mode. Hotaru is quite likable with the BGM that plays when she’s on-screen quite helps too :).Yamame and Tsubaki are on the backseats this episode, so we don’t really get to see much of them, but they still had their 5 minutes in this episode too, with Yamame revealing out Tsubaki’s feelings.

Next episode has Hotaru meeting Yamame, the real cause of the Kumogakure clan’s resentment. It seems that knives , or should I say *shuriken’s* are literally being thrown around amongst them :). There’s also some flashbacks of Mamoru and Yuuna as well. *Chibi* Yuuna…. *kawaii~~*.

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