Eureka Seven 31

The third season arc starts off in fullswing with this episode, Animal Attack.

Dewey’s new platoon, the Ageha, drops in some form of digging devices from orbital ships, causing a Coralian to appear with numerous alien life forms surrounding it as well. A nearby city is the victim of it, with the life forms undiscriminately attacking humans in the city. A military fleet tries to engage them in battle, but are easily defeated.Eureka and Anemone both suffer breakdowns as the Coralian attacks.

As for Nirvash, the refit isn’t going too well as the Nirvash isn’t happy that they’re just refitting it with it’s old specs. Eureka conveys the Nirvash’s desire to be fully remade and spec’d up so it can be of use. The research team has no choice but to redesign, including asking for help from Renton’s grandfather as well.

As the refit is going on, the Coralian attack is happening nearby them with Holland watching in shock of the destruction wrecked by the Coralian. Fearing discovery and capture, he orders the whole setup and Nirvash to be taken on board the Gekko-go and heads towards Bellforest, to complete it.

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