Fate/Stay Night 06

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Shirou takes on Rin, but they’re interrupted by a girl’s scream. It seems that she’s had her life force taken and Rin proceeds to try and heal her, but Emiya senses a killing presence and blocks a hit meant for Rin. Leaving Rin to heal the girl, he runs out to confront Rider. He puts up a valiant fight but still loses and Rin comes to bail him out.

Seeing him hurt, Rin brings her back home and reveals that there’s another Master in the school, who has been kidnapping and taking life force from the students in the school and proposes a temporary ceasefire for both of them to find the mystery Master, which Shirou gladly agrees. When it’s time to go back, Rin orders Archer to escort Shirou home, and Archer takes the chance to question in Emiya’s beliefs, leaving him flustered. Back home, he finds Saber in the *futon* but she’s not asleep yet, asking Shirou why he’s late. He assures Saber it’s alright and then sits by the walkway, looking up at the moon.

Frankly, a kinda boring episode, with more development and drama. I was expecting more action and more Rider too, but we don’t really get to take a good look at her :P.She was on screen for around maybe 5 minutes or so, and she was spending an awful lot of it in the trees. Saber didn’t have much screentime here, but Rin did get quite a lot, as this episode kinda focuses on her too.

Still it was a pretty good episode and further reinforces my desire to get my hands on the OST and also the ED song.Next episode seems to be a breather episode and there seems to be quite some service.

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