REC 02

After the events of the last episode, Fumihiko is depressed as he feels like he’d just asked her to sleep with him.Going to work, he’s all fired up until he’s called by his boss. Expecting the worst, he finds out it’s just only that his boss is assigning him some work on a CM involving a new product with a mascot called Nekokino(Cat Tree) and he’s involved in the *seiyuu* auditions for it.

He meets Aka at the audition, who’s here with her manager. She does a fine job and later Fumihiko pesters his boss on who was selected and is overjoyed when he finds out Aka was chosen. Feeling happy, he returns home with groceries and is surprised to find Aka sitting outside his door. Both of them then have dinner and Fumihiko turns into a dickhead, expecting the same treatment like yesterday, only to be dealt a killing blow by Aka, saying that yesterday was only a one time incident.

Second episode of REC, and I see some people have been turned off by the first episode. For me, it’s not so bad, and REC is slowly shaping to be a sweet and short story. I do hope they continue on with this pace. Besides, Aka’s quite cute too ;).

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  1. deftoned Said,

    February 11, 2006 @ 1:24 am

    The first episode was too abrupt for me. Not really the sex, but how everything was thrown at you in a hurry (granted it’s 9 episodes at 12 min each). Glad to hear the second episode is a bit better!

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