Magikano 06

God… another ass-crazy episode of Magikano. Nogawa Sakura is in her top form with this episode, with her hillarious voice acting. Other highlights:

HazukiNekomimi ghost kicking the crap out of everyone until Fuyuno deals her critical damage in the form of multiple*sukuru mizugi*.
– Maika freaking out on discovering that Haruo only has his skin left.
– Hajime now has chicken sounds when he appears and talks.

Next episode, another new character is intro’d, which is another *meido* that really reminds me of Tachibana from Mahoraba.

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  1. AC Said,

    February 9, 2006 @ 11:57 pm

    Er, Hajime always had chicken sounds. Normally it’s just clucking, but when he yells or gets excited, it was crowing as well.

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