Kagihime Monogatari Alice 06

The gang is doing research on Takion when an invitation drops out from a book asking them to the library. Accepting it, they’re lured apart and separated into two worlds, with Kiraha, Kisa and Kirika in a surreal world populated by crayon animals that chase them, while Arisu and Aruto are in a Forest of Alphabets, with both apparently settings from the Alice story.

Aruto is trapped in a vine cage and can’t be released unless they both kiss from the bottom of their hearts, as in the story. Their first kiss doesn’t work as both are equally embarassed and they try again later, finally breaking the vine cage. The gang find themselves in a room full of mementos and stuff from Alternate L.Takion and are fascinated by it until they’re interrupted by the librarian. She brings them to see the guy who’s supposedly Takion, but he introduces himself as Alice Master, overseeing the affairs of the Alice-nouryokusha battles. He asks for Aruto’s help with the third Alice book, the Endless Alice, which he gladly accepts.Back home, each of them recount their experiences and Kiraha learns about the kiss. Meanwhile, the librarian questions her Master about his purpose of doing that, to which he replies that Aruto’s power has some worth to be used.

Finally, some development, but it’s still kinda boring. It was kinda fun to see the surreal crayon world though, and some of the settings in this episode kinda reminded me of those in the old fairytales. The best part about the show is still it’s background music, sadly though.

I think I’ll just finish through this anyways, it’s not that hateble yet. Next episode would probably deal with Aruto and Arisu’s growing feelings and Kiraha’s jealousy.

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