Kage Kara Mamoru! 05

A ninja *shitagi-doroubo* has appeared and Tsubaki suspects Mamoru of it. She drags Mamoru along to catch the thief to prove his innocence but on their first night, Yuuna mistakes 2 at night to be 2 in the afternoon(don’t ask) and distracts Mamoru from his duty while Tsubaki faces off the thief but fails to catch him. Not satisfied with Mamoru’s explanation, she decides stay with him for the whole day.

Seeing that, Mamoru’s mom suggests that they both go out for a date. While having fun, they’re spotted by Airi and Yuuna, who decides to follow them. Yuuna, being an airhead, heads for the toilet at the local *konbini* in the middle of the chase, but the *konbini* she’s in gets attacked by a robber. Mamoru, after being informed by his mom, heads off to stop the robber, but the robber uses a smoke diversion and runs off, only to be finished off by Tsubaki.

A seemingly comedic episode, but it’s there’s actually quite a lot of character development in this episode. Tsubaki was pretty cute in her normal streetwear this episode and her *tsunderekko*-ness really shines too. It was pretty funny to see Yuuna replacing the *koi* (come) with *koi* (love) and her freaking out when she sees Mamoru and Tsubaki out for a date and not to forget too, how the heck she can mistake 2AM for 2PM ?\_?. Airi’s giving off a pretty *shoujo-ai* vibe with Yuuna this episode too, while Yamame had some show stealers with her *nekomimi* outfit coming out again, complete with the *nyaa~~* too ^_^;;.

Once again, the production crew of KKM is proving to be quite good, making out a cast of stereotypical yet likable characters and balanced storytelling. Each girl had their fair share of screentime this episode, with the format seemingly to be the one becoming the focus (Tsubaki in this episode), the other taking a secondary role(Yuuna) and leaving the rest appearing in short but funny cameos spread round the show(Yamame). The next episode is another introduction one, with the last girl appearing and seemingly tons of comedy involving Airi and Yuuna in various funny poses.

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