Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 04

Looks like the production team is going into serious drama mode with the anime, as this episode’s chockful of it. I miss the humour ._. , though gladly provided by Tsuki-sensei and Sora and Hazumu’s almost-to-be-a-criminal dad.
I mean, he actually untied Hazumu’s dress string thingies!! I was thinking of a some bad things at that, *seriously* bad things.

Still, this episode develops the Hazumu-Tomari-Yasuna love triangle to it’s tension-filled start. Didn’t really expect it to be this fast. Episode 5 will prove interesting hopefully. No screencaps due to no mood and laziness.

Oh, and I just noticed, I’m more attracted to Hazumu in boy clothes for some reason. Hazumu-girl anime art isn’t as attractive as Hazumu-girl manga art.

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