Of mad dog meido’s, deserted islands and roller blades…

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Due to boredom and limited disk space, I changed my focus on manga this 2 days and I caught up with 3 amazing series, notably Nagasareta Airantou, Air Gear and Black Lagoon, courtesy of jason’s publicity on it.

Nagasareta Airantou, which will be made in to an anime this year, apparently, is quite a good read, with typical fanservice plot and moments. The premise is about Ikuto(14) who gets washed away to a mysterious island full of girls. Yes, he’s the only guy there and the island is full of girls. This is the “stuck on deserted island with girl of dreams” to the nth power. Makes a rollicking good read, especially when the guy has more nosebleeds in a chapter than an episode of anime Karin.

Air Gear comes straight right out of Oh! Great’s greatness and it’s fanservice is as blatant as you can get. Story is just a sorry excuse for showing off boobs and panties from every possible imaginable angle and method. The main attraction is Ogura’s art anyways, and he really wins it for this series. NOT WORK SAFE :)

Black Lagoon is my most recent read (today actually) and it’s a pretty good mix of action and humour. The main attraction, rightly put by ol’jason himself, is Mad Dog Meido, and one pretty mad dog she is. Easilly one of the most lethal *meido* is jason’s Meido Power Rankings, in terms of fighting capability. I’d like to see her square off with Wilhelmina, Tachibana and Media :P. Put in terms of Negima, those four would definitely be the equivalent of the martial arts four-some of the rankings ;).

Anyways, the chief similarities all share is that they’re going to be animated sometime this year, so I gave into tempation and checked them out. Hopefully, I’ll be commenting their anime forms with the same fanboyism that I’m having now on their manga counterparts ;).

For those interested in getting them as well, Nagasareta Airantou is scanlated by AT-Translations, Air Gear by Scum Scans(latest) and Black Lagoon by Akatsuki-Manga.


  1. jason Said,

    February 1, 2006 @ 11:28 am

    If you want something more serious, check out Toshiue no Hito… another harem-type series with the twist that it’s a younger guy with an older woman (25… no comment). Decidedly more adult and emo than Nagasarete.

  2. Kurogane Said,

    February 1, 2006 @ 11:41 am

    Hmm… why not, I have plenty of time between each week’s show :).

    Thanks for the suggestion.

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