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Monday Blues.


I haven’t been blogging much lately owing to a major angst attack last week, which explains my emo blogging recently, and seems to be continuing on to this week. I was feeling totally demotivated to do anything, even watching anime, which I currently have about 4 series (not including the ones I usually watch) in backlog.

I guess I’ll give them a little mention as well. First off, Pita Ten is quite nice to watch. Yukari Tamura shines in this one, with her voicing of Misha, the devilish troublemaker angel. The other characters are fun to watch as well, and I really have to say that Ten-chan and Kotaro-kun already win over the whole Bounty List at their tender age of 10. Koboshi-chan surely made the correct choice early on :).

Next off, Paranoia Agent is proving to be a great surreal series to watch as macabre as it is. Noto Mamiko also playes quite prominently in it, which is an instant +10 fanboyism to me. My favourite ones for now, is that episode “Happy Family Planning”, about a trio who tries to commit suicide, and “ETC”, where a bunch of housewives compete with each other to tell the most macabre(read:illogical) tales about the villain :).

As for Ginban Kaleidoscope, “Kiss my ass” wins, but not enough to make me marathon it in one round, while Nadesico is proving to be too crazy for my angst-infested mind now. So I’ll leave this two for later.

In other news, Matthew’s blog reports a remake of the Negima anime but in the form of OVA’s to be shown in Negima events. Looking at the pics already makes it seem there’s some hope, but I won’t be too quick to jump on the bandwagon. In any case, it should (hopefully) be at the least, 1% better than XEBEC’s horrible butchering of Negima in it’s anime version.

While over at ANN, as if in response to my earlier post (scroll down or click here), they’re organizing a Narutard Naruto Design-A-Ninja Contest. Mr. Answerman already wins for sarcasm , just by looking at the sample he threw in. I say he should post some of the lamest entries for all to see, which I think at least 95% of the entries will be. Random selection should be fine XD.

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Mahou Neko Princess Cutie-Kat

I semi-regularly follow ANN’s Answerman section, purely to see what kind of idiotic questions that the poor guy gets from the Narutards/\*replace-with-series-name\*-tards, which at times makes me sigh on the follies of mankind and at other times, just makes me LMAO.

Recently, the column’s been running a few contests, which at first ranged from simple “fill-in-the-empty-captions” style contests, which really only yielded lameness. But the most recent one had me in stitches as he challenged readers to submit in plot ideas for “over-the-top, ridiculously cliched shows” and threw in quite a nice stash of stuff for the winners.

Finally, he seems to have found one, “The Adventures of Magical Kitty Princess Cutie-Kat” which claims to tell the story of a \*normal\* girl who trips over a kitten one day and gets bestowed with magical powers.

Reading on the complete synopsis really makes me LOL and, same with Mr.Answerman, I also admire Ms. Wendy’s (I selfishly assume :) dedication as well, as she even set up “fansite” for her show too :).

Mr.Answerman’s also going to put up runner-ups for his contest later as well, so I gladly wait to see for more hackneyed plot ideas and anime cliché’s ;).

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Shakugan no Shana Assorted CD Volume 01

Source: Assorted Shana

A short CD with 2 singles sung by Rie Kugimiya and Ayako Kawasumi, 2 radio dramas and a bunch of BGM’s.A pretty good CD, especially with the 2 radio dramas included in it, that are so funny, it made me LMAO.Here’s a short summary of both dramas…

The first one, Alastor no Kunou, features Alastor in the main seat, as he asks Yuuji for a favour, which is to help him write a *hagaki* to send to Marjery, who apparently has a popular *nayami soudan* show on the radio, as he wants to keep this a secret to Shana, as so not to lose his standing in front of her. Taking the chance while Shana’s in the bath, they start to argue on writing the postcard, until Shana suddenly appears and questions them, leading Alastor to rat Yuuji out, saying that he’s got problems. Shana starts to get angry with him as he’s not consulting her about that too, and leaves to get *meronpan*, saying that she’ll question him more when she comes back.

With her out of the way, they start to write now, Alastor reveals that he’s been suffering a lot of stress due to *ningen kankei*, mentioning something about being ogled as a pendant, when suddenly, Kazumi barges into the room, citing her dog, Ekaterina as an excuse. Surprised at the sudden disturbance, Yuuji and Alastor start to think how to deal with this, but this allows Yoshida to read the half completed postcard and starts to cry, saying that she didn’t realise that Yuuji was having so much stress.

Shana “conveniently” returns at this moment, and is shocked to see Yoshida crying in Yuuji’s room, and gets angry when Yoshida starts to “share” Yuuji’s “problem” around, leading to a humourous exchange of words, in which Ike suddenly gets blamed as Yuuji’s source of stress by Kazumi. The transcript :

Yoshida: (crying) My heart hurts…..
Yuuji: Even if you’re crying like that….
Shana: (comes in) Tadaima…..why is Yoshida Kazumi crying?!!
Yuuji: Sha.. Shana!!
Yoshida: Hear this Yukari-chan, Sakai-kun is being troubled by human relationships, in school, in home, stress is building up.
Shana: Human relations?
Yuuji: Ano… that’s a misunderstanding….err, Yoshida-san, isn’t the appearance of Shana here troubling you?
Yoshida: This things are just a coincidence.
Shana: Yuuji! What’s the meaning of this? Why are you telling Yoshida-san about your problems instead of me?
Yuuji: I didn’t…
Shana: Then explain!
Yuuji: If I could, I would’ve….
Shana: Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!
Yoshida: Nee Sakai-kun, how are you being troubled by human relationships? Is it Ike-kun’s glasses too dazzling?
Yuuji: No, it’s not like that…
Yoshida: Is it Ike-kun’s hairstyle? Uniform?!
Yuuji: No, no.. as I’m saying…
Yoshida: So… what part of Ike-kun are you complaining about?
Yuuji: No…. I didn’t say anything on those lines…
Yoshida: Mou…. I can’t forgive Ike-kun!!
Yuuji: That’s not what I’ve been saying….
Shana: Yuuji. Who’s Ike?
Yuuji: Please remember your classmates!
Shana: Ja… I’ll give my meronpan, so please tell me what’s going on.
Yoshida: Ah… I’ve also brought a bento along
Yuuji: Why do you have to bring a bento when you’re walking your dog?
Yoshida: It’s normal politeness :).

Hillarious. That part is worth the whole CD already.

And it actually gets better with the second drama, Yoshida Kazumi no Nikki, which is basically about Yoshida’s “adventures” in school and how she misinterprets every little thing that Yuuji’s doing. After to listening to this though…. I have to say, Yoshida’s the most self delusional character I’ve ever seen in recent times. But’s she’s darn scary though… I can imagine her going all Kaede on Yuuji, if she ever snaps out of her self delusions ^.^;;;;;.

I highly suggest all Shana fans to get this CD, just purely for the sake of the two radio drama’s included in here.


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Half moons, beaches and hellboys

Hantsuki’s ending was not too bad, but it could use a little more impact. I’m pretty sad for Rika that she’s not gonna stay for long, but at least Yuuichi grew a spine already, so he’s out of the “Wimp Zone”. Overall, a good short and touching series, only lacking in impact. Didn’t really made me shed much tears unlike Narcissu.Looking forward to Momo now.

Kashimashi 07.…. ahhhh yes… the beach episode. They also seemed to have combined in the curry cooking episode into this as well. I have to say…. bikini’s + aprons = t3h WIN! Asuta’s on the short end of the stick here again, but I’m happy that at least he did get more screentime than in the manga. Seriously, he’s one guy I’d like to see being stuck in a harem situation. He could really sue Hazumu for unintentional *sekuhara* :P. Next one seems to be the *kimodameshi* episode, and I’m looking forward to see Hazumu in *chou-moé* form ;).

As for Jigoku Shoujo 20…. it deserves honourable mention for the WTF-ness factor. The string-puller this episode is really over the top and Mr.Hellboy is like… sooo lame. Ai-chan wins for gothloli outfit and for throwing Hellboy to hell. I’m really worried at how they’re going to end this series though :P.

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Shakugan no Shana 20

Episode wins for Wilhelmina.

Nice episode for a “in-between-arcs” one. Wilhelmina really shines here with her “sharp-ness”, especially towards Shana and Alastor. Alastor must one of those “hen-pecked” husbands if he were to settle down with a family, maybe with Tiamat?

It’s also fun to see how Chigusa’s so easily plays the “rulebreaker” role until Wilhelmina’s pissed off at her.

Anyways, it does seem that Yuuji doesn’t want to stay in the city anymore, so that leaves poor Kazumi behind. Shana’s chance will come soon enough.

We need more of Hecate.

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Mai Otome 20


I was planning to watch this later, if it wasn’t for a certain someone quoting me. Oh, and I’m not responsible for any crazy jingles that are left in your head ;).

Anyways, boring episode, except for Shizuru getting Shizuru’d. Judging from the way that Otome’s heading too, I’m actually \*glad\* that Aoi died in 18, so she wouldn’t have to suffer from the indignity of being in this show anymore. In fact, I’m now wishing that all the HiME characters, expect for the central ones to just die off so they won’t have to suffer as well. Except for Shizuru too, I want to see more of her banging Tomoe, which I suspect will soon be the only reason I’m going to actually get Otome.

Otome doesn’t deserve even half the fanboyism it gets, really.

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Bleach 70

Blehhhh….. not a very satisfying episode, since the baddies are kinda lame. I mean… the power to change things into snakes…. ooo scary, maybe if I had ophidiophobia XD.

Rukia and Lirin saved this episode anyways, with Rukia’s “*Gokigenyou*” winning hard and Lirin’s “tragic drama queen” cuteness saving the day :P.

The baddies are kinda funny as well, with that snake guy going all “No comment” on Ichigo, XD. Am I supposed to take them seriously? I also foresee the female Bound turning to Ichigo’s side and making Bleach in to harem anime with Ichigo as Harem Master. Ah well~~…..

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Let’s see how badly I fail….

Jason, the most serious fanboy I’ve ever known in the blogosphere did a little post about anime blog quality ratings 2-3 days ago. Let’s see how much I fare at it…..

Blog Itself

+1 point for WordPress. Favortism. Plain and simple. Best thing ever since the advent of the Internet and Firefox.

**Look and Feel**

*+1 point for viewable on small (i.e. 1024 x 768) monitors.* Mine barely fits in though :P.
*+1 point for viewable cross browsers, down to Netscape 4.* Should be :).
*+1 point for quick loading (i.e. should be zero wait when viewed through broadband).*
*+1 point for using good HTML techniques, i.e. specifying width and height tags for images and description tags for links. (Credit: Zyl)* Thanks to Zyl for the heads-up. Still haven’t rewritten my 10k+ screencaps HTML, but I swear any future pictures will all have this.
*+1 point for modifiying readily available theme instead of leaving it “factory stock.”* Running on a heavily (badly) modified Almost Spring theme. Need to modify it more though.


*+1 point for using e-mail address.* There’s a nice “Email me” link on the side bar :).
*+1 point for over one year of anime blogging.* Counting my time on Blogspot(ughhh..) yeah, that’s roughly one year for me.
*+1 point for at least ten posts a month.*
*-1 point for any day with more than five posts. Post dilution theorem.* Can’t help it, sometimes I’m too darn lazy, sometimes, I have tons of energy :P.


*+1 point for keeping a blogroll. Blogrolls are important for community building.*
*+1 point for keeping a blogroll up-to-date. I still see a lot of blogs pointing to this “toybox” thing. By keeping the blogroll up-to-date, it shows that the blogger actually visits blogs on their blogroll and not just put up links for trade. Visiting other blogs is also a big part of community building.*
*+1 point for referencing other blogs once in a while. Again, under this “visiting other blogs is good for community building” canopy.*
*+1 point for lack of comment spam.*
*+1 point for RSS or Atom feed available.*
*+1 point for valid and Magpie parsable RSS or Atom feed. (Credit: James.)* Not sure, I just let WP take care of it.


*+1 point if posts are categorized by series or some other system that makes some sense.*
*+1 point for varied post structure. Not everything needs to be six (or four) images and a paragraph.*
*+1 point for screenshots. I like screenshots.* Ok, maybe not too much recently.
*+2 points for over 30 screenshots an episode. I like screenshots.*
*+1 point for occasional fanservice.*
*+1 point for reviews averaging over 200 words long. I like words.*
*+1 point for punctuation. I like commas. Semicolons are good too. Indifferent about exclaimation marks.*


*+3 points for blogging about crap shows and making fun of them. I 100% understand why people only blog about shows that they like, but it’s always humorous MST3K style to blog about shows that are absolutely junk. How can anyone blog about Final Approach with a straight face?* Does Kagihime count?
*+3 points for using memes that anime watchers would understand but no one else would. (i.e. “Omega symmetrical docking of the year!” and “Minmay Defense”)*
*+3 points for not being afraid to go against popular opinion. I can’t seem to find non-sarcastic/cynical/joking versions for “Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Haardo Gay for Shinn Asuka” and “Final Fantasy Unlimited Is an Action and Emotional Tour-de-Force” in the blogosphere… but if I did, I’d definitely read them.* I seem to have done this with my Otome bashing.
*+3 points for blogging about shows no one else is at the moment. Nadesico in a sea of Mai Otome 4tw.* Again, does Kagihime count?
*+3 points for inclusion of manga reviews. The ratio of anime blogs to manga blogs is like 25 to 1, in other words, about the same ratio of males to females in a class titled, “RF and High-Speed Analog Circuit Design.”* \*points to Sidebar\*
*+3 points for non-generic tone. After reading someone’s blog, one should get a sense of, “That’s one angry person,” “That’s one cheerful person,” or “That’s one witty person.” If the blog fails to convey some sort of emotion through the tone of the writing, it’s generic.* I’m shamelessly admitting to it.

Totals up to 40 :P. Anyways, I still need to improve a crapload of stuff around, especially the “About” page, where everytime I try to sit down and write it, I seem to get stage fright.

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Negima! 125

I know it looks funny that I posted this after 126, but then I didn’t read the raws and Aquastar released this earlier so… meh :P.

Negima 125
Japanese squids are fine too………

Negima 125
Yeah, Chisame, you should do that. The Bounty List people would be happy :).

Negima 125

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Negima! 126

Negima 126
Haruna is pretty scary T_T.

Negima 126
Just love the Pactio :).

Negima 126
Negi-sensei….. *DAI PINCCHI!!!*

Negima 126
*chu~~~~*…. darn… he seems to be getting a lot of this T_T.

Negima 126
Akamatsu’s employing the *namida* tactic quite a lot recently…… darn…. moé meter rising.

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