life line by line….. the end….


Well… it’s official. Ol’moyism has officially announced his (hopefully, not permanent) retirement from the anime blogging scene due to the little constant we all have that’s called “Real Life” :). Surely, a lot of people will be missing him, me included, for his wittiness and his record-breaking screencaps.

moyism, or moy, started his blog around late-2004, if memory serves right, with his unique style of just posting up like about 200/300+ – ∞ screencaps. He’s still considered by old-timers in the anime blogosphere as the standard to measure up amounts of screencaps per post, though now, it’s more popularly known as pulling an abq :)

moy’s most famous claim to fame is his habit of buying anime merchandise, well and truly in and over what that he can afford. I really salute him for that. But still, his sense of humour and numerous small little things he does at random for the otaku(like splicing the MO 2nd OP with “Wings of Words”) is very much welcome. I wish him continued success in life and hopefully no future Chapter 11’s on him ;).

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