Kage Kara Mamoru 04

Airi has entered Yuuna into an idol contest, which spurs Tsubaki and Yamame to join in too to attract Mamoru’s feelings. Tsubaki performs some of her sword skills and caligraphy, but tries to commit *seppuku* when she miswrites “Samurai” with “Wait”. Yamame does a hillarious *kage bunshin* dance and hopping around in a bag trick. Yuuna “wows” the audience with her *dojikko*-ness and her own original song, “**Banana Banana**”.

Later, Yuuna is accepted in the third round and goes to perform. Before it starts, the producer tries to make her sleep with him, but she “skillfully” declines it, and Mamoru deals a fatal blow to him. A new producer comes in and decides to make Yuuna a star, but when he disallows her to socialize with Mamoru, she refuses the offer. Mamoru, having heard that Yuuna is going to be an idol, sulks on the roof, and he’s pleasantly surprised to see her at school the next day, and even more suprised when she starts to talk something logical for a change, saying that she’d rather be a normal student ;).

This must the one the best episodes to date, with enough humour and character development. I’d never expected the second half part involving the producer’s seduction scene and Mamoru’s sulking when he hears that Yuuna’s going to be and idol, turning the series a bit serious for a change too.

However, humour is still in spades here, with the hillarity of Tsubaki’s *tsunderekko*-ness on commiting *seppuku* and Yamame’s *kage bunshin* dance. Yuuna’s banana song has to be heard to be believed and it really made me went “WTF?!”. We need more Tsubaki though :P.

Yuuna also made me LOL in the dressing room scene where she uses paper to answer people while she’s eating, reminded me of Ranma’s father for a while there :). Her airheadedness is definitely her best weapon, as she easily “disarms” the producer’s flirts, although she still needs Mamoru to clean up for her. I do have to say, that they really should reduce Mamoru’s ninja intro sequences as it’s detracting from his *kakkoi*-ness, of which he excels extremely well, with his sarcasm and tone :).

Kage Kara Mamoru is proving to be an interesting show for now and there hasn’t been a *faux pas* yet, so I’ll continue with it. The next episode seems to have some drama and action with Mamoru and the girls. No screencaps this time, had an incompatitable raw :(.

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