Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 11


The Alice Game toll climbs again as 2 more fall this episode, leaving the Alice Game in a 3 way fight between Shinku, Suigintou and Barasuishou.

Suisuiseki and Kanaria are the ones to go this episode, with both their Roza Mystica’s taken by Barasuishou in one fell swoop. Now, only the strongest three remain, and Barasuishou seems to be leading by obtaining 3 Roza Mysticas already.

Action-wise, this episode had tons of it, but not much development at all. It seems though that the whole thing seems to be part of Rozen’s plans as his expression is one of smugness. Jun’s futile efforts to stop him are just easily brushed off.

The important parts come next episode, the ending aptly titled “Alice”. It would seem the production team is ready to end this franchise, and god help me if it turns out to be another Mai-HiME styled ending. Not that I’m not a fan of total revives/resets, but please, execute it in style. However, it does seem to me that it’s heading towards a more serious and, maybe, sad ending.

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