Kage Kara Mamoru 03

Another introduction episode (seriously, I keep forgetting their names :P), with Mamoru’s distant relative, Hattori Yamame, coming over for a visit. Yamame mistakes Mamoru for a useless pervert because of how different(a.k.a how ugly) he is from when he was young. Later, she gets into trouble with the local mafia boss (I pity the guy) who’s employed a new underling, Chim Panji (yes, it rhymes with Chimpanzee), who uses some funny Animal Style and hypnosis on Yamame, turning her into a nekomimi fighter (:rollseyes). In the end, he’s defeated and the next day, Yamame transfers in too.

Well, nothing innovative, but it’s still fun to see Yuuna and Tsubaki, especially Tsubaki’s cameos involving her training with the sword and tennis racket, which really is quite a showstealer :) . Yuuna’s wordplays and action still boggles and humours as usual.

Yamame provides the loli factor in the equation of Mamoru’s harem, and Ai Shimizu does an OK job voicing her, though not as noticable as her other roles. IMO, we need more Tsubaki :).

Next episode is an idol contest (again?) with more hijinks by the rest of the cast. I gleefully await more of Tsubaki, she’s just sooo cute and moé :). With that, this wraps up this week’s backlog, phew.

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