No, it’s not that SIDS or even this SIDS, it’s Severe Internet Deficiency Syndrome, which was I was having the past 4 days.

The story goes like this. It was a fine Wednesday and I went out to my old school, SJI, to celebrate it’s 102nd birthday. While I was out, my new 4 Port router was delivered and installed, but wasn’t set-up to connect to the Internet. Then, when I came back…. horror of horrors, I found that it didn’t work and I couldn’t access the modem setup page _|-|o””’……

I promptly called and the guy who sold me the router came over and also failed in accessing the modem page, so he took it back, leaving me Net-less for the past few days _|-|o””’^²….. and only today, when his boss came and finally fixed it up.

Over the past few days, I survived mainly on **Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl**(which I must say, he’s a darn good writer), **Kill Bill Vol.1** and a halfway damaged HK bootleg Mahoromatic DVD. I have to thank the higher beings for allowing me to retain my sanity and not go batshit insane survive this long \o/.

I have to say, someone or something must hate me a lot. In the span of one week of my holiday, I’ve already destroyed my PC’s mobo and lost my Internet. I “gleefully” await the next week, which I “hope” will be as eventful as this week. If it does…… I must say that the Chinese curse of “May you live in interesting times” is really really effective.

Now, I’m desperately catching up on this week’s shows. Expect an entry flood later on.

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