Bleach 64

Stepping into the filler realm, Bleach 64 is an OK episode to my standards.

With everyone back in Karakura City, life returns to normal as usual for our protagonists. Renji arrives also, unexpectedly, saying he’s now the person-in-charge of Karakura and just right on cue, a Hollow appears, slain easily by Ichigo. One *shoujo-ai* moment, hillarious *isouro-san* sequence and collateral damage scene later, the focus is one Inoue, dreaming about her brother. The doorbell rings and Inoue’s suprised to find her brother behind the door. Meanwhile, Renji gets a Hollow alert and wakes Ichigo up to rush to scene, after sensing it’s from Inoue’s place. Inoue’s having a chat with what she thinks is her brother and suddenly, a door appears, looking like the Hell’s door from the earlier arc and Inoue gets sucked into it, in full view of the rest of gang.

Hmm… basically there’s not much wrong here but I’m still not buying into it. The premise hasn’t really been shown, given that none of villains and their motives are revealed, with Inoue suddenly becoming the victim.Hopefully, it’s not gonna be cheesy. They’d better integrate this well into the whole story, or I’ll throw Bleach off my watch list.

The first half was quite good, being it taken from manga material. There’s also some extra shoujo-ai moments too and Renji really stole the show with his appearance and hillarity with Urahara-tachi.

The ED sounds OK, but the animation seqeunce feels funny. I’m not liking the new villains(I presume) character designs except for the customary cute girl. The additional seqeunce after the ED with Kon and Ishida was really LOL.

In any case, I’ll still give it a try. If it descends into Naruto territory……. I think I’ll pull a DarkMirage on them.


  1. R'nBob Said,

    January 21, 2006 @ 12:58 am

    i have a little question, the story is not the same as in the manga version

    Do you know if it will be like Naruto where a pieces of stories was added or more like Gantz where the manga and the anime were different?

    ^^ See you soon

  2. Kurogane Said,

    January 21, 2006 @ 8:50 pm

    It’s called a filler arc.

    Which means it’s probably written by people who have no creativity and failed to become manga-ka’s/directors and are forced to eke a living out of taking every cliché in the book and putting them in a predictable plot.

    Or I could be wrong. Anyways, just cross your fingers and hope it won’t end up like a certain series involving 2 boy ninjas who might or might not be gay for each other.

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