Magikano 02


*(due to a technical error, my screencaps were screwed for this episode, and I’m too lazy to retake, so I’m not putting any up :P, get them as the usual place.)*

This episode introduces Kurosu Yuri, the student council president of the school. She’s pissed off with Mamiya due to the fact that her presence is ruining the peaceful atmosphere of the school previously. Calling in her lackeys (which includes Haruo) , she demands them to find a way to stop this, but gets little support. Hajime and Sora, capitalizing on the moé trend, ignite a moé battle between Yuri and Mamiya, which ends in disaster nontheless.

Going into the second episode, Magikano still retains the wackiness of the first episode, making it a really enjoyable show for me. The characters are stereotypical anime ones, but still they’re fun to watch. I kinda like Yuri too with her mild *tsunderekko*-ness. The fashion battle was a bit boring though, as the costume designs looked a bit bland to me, especially with the current moé flood.

The next episode involves Ayumi travelling back in time to discover the cause of Maika’s obssesive love towards Haruo and stop it. More hilarity to ensue :).

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