Bad Luck….

I seem to be cursed in Melaka. My exams just finished and I was just settling down to enjoy Kashimashi, when my hands turned itchy and I started to dig my ear with cotton buds. Unfortunately, it seems the one I used took a liking to my ear canal and nudged itself comfortably inside it.

The local GP couldn’t remove, thanks to the fact I just found out that my ear canal is special in the way that it’s crooked instead of straight. Heading over to the ENT specialist later on. I really can’t stop laughing about this, although it’s really sad :P. Feeling both XD and _|-|0”” too.

***Update***: Just went to an ENT specialist. He removed it in less than 5 minutes. That was a really expensive cotton bud there. About RM40 to be exact _|-|0^2.


  1. w1ckhunt3r Said,

    January 12, 2006 @ 4:58 pm

    LOL glad it’s removed ^^

  2. randomdude Said,

    January 13, 2006 @ 2:01 am


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