Jigoku Shoujo 14


A pretty sad episode. Finally, after a long while, Jigoku Shoujo manages to introduce characters that I like.

This episode is about Saki, whose father died in an apparent suicide, but she knows otherwise because the night that he died, Saki saw some incriminating evidence involving the mayor of the city, leading her to suspect that her father’s death was caused by the mayor, Kusunoki. Thanks to Tsugumi, Hajime is informed of this and tries to stop Saki from using Ai’s services by researching what had happened.

It turns out that Kusunoki was only trying to keep an old folks home intact and he had to resort to unconventional measures to do it. He didn’t really kill Saki’s father but he can’t prove it. Enlightened by dishearted by the lack of evidence, Hajime stil tries to reconcile the two, but Saki has already decided thanks to the interference of Kusunoki’s son. In the end, Kusunoki is brought to hell by Ai, minus the usual torture, while the old folks home get’s closed down.

Basically, this episode’s grudge is a big misunderstanding, and I’m really sad to see that two innocent people have to go to hell because of that and not only that, some poor old folks get displaced too.

Both Saki and Kusunoki are really not at fault here for the misunderstanding. I suspect the true culprit was the mayor’s son but he didn’t admit to it. However, as Hajime says it, both of their feelings are equally pure, one in sadness and one in honesty. For once, I really like the characters as I can connect to them therefore, I really felt sad when they both had to go to hell.

It’s really at this stories where you can really feel the cold-heartedness of the Jigoku Tsuushin crew as they perform their jobs flawlessly, even if they know otherwise. Ai’s sadness is much more implied with this episode, as she must’ve had her share of doing jobs like this which are just a result of misunderstandings.

For the next episode, it seems to be a recap episode, but I’m quite interested in how they’re going to pull this off, considering the fact that up till now, all the episodes have been quite standalone. Well, maybe they might pull a shocker on us and end the show suddenly or something drastic/dramatic happens. In any case, I hope it will be good.

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