2005 – A Lookback in Anime – Fall ’05 and into 2006.

Fall ’05 can be said as one of the best season for this year quite a number of anticipated shows came on. As most of the shows are still unfinished, I’ll not be doing it in the way of the previous posts.

First off, the sequel to last year’s surprise hit Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Nanoha A’s kickstarted the season. Incidentally, the only Fall ’05 show to have finished, it featured great battle scenes and action normally not seen in *mahou shoujo* shows and managed to gain quite a fanbase, including me. I won’t say much more here, as I’m planning to do a full review later.

Following it was 3 more harem shows, adding into this year’s already big number of harem series’, Canvas2,ToHeart2 and Lamune, all of which I didn’t watch :P.

Occult anime also made it’s mark, as **Jigoku Shoujo** debuted with much apprehension as there have rarely been horror anime recently. **Jigoku Shoujo’s** debut was good but it quickly lost steam after a few episodes and has only started to pick up the pace.

As many people have been saying, light novels are now the new source of anime adaptations, as the moé laden **Shakugan no Shana** debuted and gained a steady fanbase. It was a hit-or-miss show as some didn’t like it’s premise, but quite a lot of people digged the characters.

Fall also saw quite a number of sequels coming, with **Mai Otome**, last year’s popular **Mai HiME**’s “sequel”, and **Rozen Maiden ~träumend~**, sequel of last year’s **Rozen Maiden**, both started their runs and have been going on quite strong, especially for **träumend**.

Some underrated shows were also aired, such as **ARIA** and **Mushishi**, both of which are episodic in nature, yet both are equally good, with **ARIA** providing very relaxing stories, while **Mushishi** explored the mystical and left us thinking at the end of each episode.

Action did not miss out as **Blood+**, **Black Cat** and also **Noein** debuted. All showed much potential, but unfortunately, none has really managed to catch my attention for long :P.I’ll probably rewatch them later, maybe on my upcoming sem break.

As Winter ’05 / ’06 is still in the way, I’ll not be doing another post for it. What I’ve watched so far is **Itsudatte! My Santa**, which I find to be not that good, Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus and the School Rumble OVA.

Upcoming shows I look forward to include :

1. Fate/stay Night ( which otaku isn’t?)
2. Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ (Hazumu <3!!)
3. Hantsuki (interesting and potentially very touching, I’m a sucker for this stories).
4. REC
5. Shinigami no Ballad


  1. Problematic Said,

    January 2, 2006 @ 1:29 pm

    The winter series is sort of disappointing since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of good series. Yet I will keep an eye out for Rec, Fate/stay Night and Ergo Proxy.

  2. w1ckhunt3r Said,

    January 2, 2006 @ 8:28 pm

    Don’t miss out on Noein~ it’s quite good ^^

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