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Negima 124 – Boring End No.1

Source: Negima 124
Source: Negima 124

Negi and Ako elope and get married. The End.

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life line by line….. the end….


Well… it’s official. Ol’moyism has officially announced his (hopefully, not permanent) retirement from the anime blogging scene due to the little constant we all have that’s called “Real Life” :). Surely, a lot of people will be missing him, me included, for his wittiness and his record-breaking screencaps.

moyism, or moy, started his blog around late-2004, if memory serves right, with his unique style of just posting up like about 200/300+ – ∞ screencaps. He’s still considered by old-timers in the anime blogosphere as the standard to measure up amounts of screencaps per post, though now, it’s more popularly known as pulling an abq :)

moy’s most famous claim to fame is his habit of buying anime merchandise, well and truly in and over what that he can afford. I really salute him for that. But still, his sense of humour and numerous small little things he does at random for the otaku(like splicing the MO 2nd OP with “Wings of Words”) is very much welcome. I wish him continued success in life and hopefully no future Chapter 11′s on him ;).

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Kage Kara Mamoru 04

Airi has entered Yuuna into an idol contest, which spurs Tsubaki and Yamame to join in too to attract Mamoru’s feelings. Tsubaki performs some of her sword skills and caligraphy, but tries to commit *seppuku* when she miswrites “Samurai” with “Wait”. Yamame does a hillarious *kage bunshin* dance and hopping around in a bag trick. Yuuna “wows” the audience with her *dojikko*-ness and her own original song, “**Banana Banana**”.

Later, Yuuna is accepted in the third round and goes to perform. Before it starts, the producer tries to make her sleep with him, but she “skillfully” declines it, and Mamoru deals a fatal blow to him. A new producer comes in and decides to make Yuuna a star, but when he disallows her to socialize with Mamoru, she refuses the offer. Mamoru, having heard that Yuuna is going to be an idol, sulks on the roof, and he’s pleasantly surprised to see her at school the next day, and even more suprised when she starts to talk something logical for a change, saying that she’d rather be a normal student ;).

This must the one the best episodes to date, with enough humour and character development. I’d never expected the second half part involving the producer’s seduction scene and Mamoru’s sulking when he hears that Yuuna’s going to be and idol, turning the series a bit serious for a change too.

However, humour is still in spades here, with the hillarity of Tsubaki’s *tsunderekko*-ness on commiting *seppuku* and Yamame’s *kage bunshin* dance. Yuuna’s banana song has to be heard to be believed and it really made me went “WTF?!”. We need more Tsubaki though :P.

Yuuna also made me LOL in the dressing room scene where she uses paper to answer people while she’s eating, reminded me of Ranma’s father for a while there :). Her airheadedness is definitely her best weapon, as she easily “disarms” the producer’s flirts, although she still needs Mamoru to clean up for her. I do have to say, that they really should reduce Mamoru’s ninja intro sequences as it’s detracting from his *kakkoi*-ness, of which he excels extremely well, with his sarcasm and tone :).

Kage Kara Mamoru is proving to be an interesting show for now and there hasn’t been a *faux pas* yet, so I’ll continue with it. The next episode seems to have some drama and action with Mamoru and the girls. No screencaps this time, had an incompatitable raw :(.

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!


I wish all the readers of my blog a Happy Chinese New Year ~~!!!

May the new year bring in more wealth, success and happiness.

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Fate/Stay Night 04

Source: Unknown

Ilya introduces herself and Berserker. Sicking him on them, Saber rushes to defend Shirou. Saber puts up a valiant fight while Rin deduces that Berserker is Hercules, thanks to hints from Ilya. However, Lancer’s wound on Saber slows her down and she takes a critical hit. Berserker tries to deal the final blow, but Shirou takes it instead, severely injuring him. Everyone is shocked and Ilya loses her interest in the battle and withdraws.

The next day, Shirou wakes up to find himself bandaged and Rin drinking tea. He seems to have forgotten what happened until Rin reminds him of yesterday’s events. They have a little chat about Shirou’s almost nonexistant powers and how the Servants are forced to eat human souls if their master aren’t powerful enough to recharge them. Rin takes her leave and on the way back home meets Sakura, who detects a smell from Rin, making her wonder why she’s there.

Back to Shirou, he searches for Saber and finds her in the dojo. They have a chat and Saber reassures that she won’t eat human souls as it’s contrary to her chivalry. Shirou says that he doesn’t have much of a chance to win the war, but Saber counters that she’ll create those chances herself. Both feeling hungry now, they both head inside the mansion to get breakfast.

A nice episode, with half devoted to some nice fighting and the other for character development. I kinda felt a bit bored though, I think it was because of Shirou. But it’s more than made up by Rin and Saber. I’m kinda disappointed to see that Ayako hasn’t had much chance to flex her talent in Saber, but the next episode seems pretty promising, as I spotted SD Rin and Saber smiling :).

I’m getting some serious Rin and Saber obssesion though. My 93 screencaps could’ve been easily cut into half… :P.

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Finally!! A wallpaper for those 86400 x 43200 monitors!

This is just simply darn amazing, I decided to blog it.

NASA is now releasing detailed photos from it’s “Visible Earth” gallery via BT. The biggest file there is a single picture, at 86400 x 43200 px and 2.9GB in size ^.^;;;;

Anyone mind trying to open that file? I can already hear my RAM screaming “NOO~~~!!!!” :P.


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Mai Otome 16

I think I must be only one who isn’t getting more and more fanboyish on Otome. Somehow, the direction of the show lately and the new OP is having a reverse effect for me in rather than making me going gaga, i’m going “pfft… been there done that”. I guess it must be the overrated-ness of Otome among the otaku right now.

To come and think of it, the recent episodes have been very messy and unclear. Arika’s (almost)rape, didn’t put a good impression in me, and this show is seriously going GSD on me already. The new OP seriously reminds me of the other big Sunrise franchise, Gundam, which is nicely detailed in jason’s post. I’m never going to reach his level of fanboyism though :P.

To boot, they \*had\* to make is sooo spoilerish. Keep the surprises please, that was one of the main attracting factors of HiME. Oh wait… what am I saying, this \*is\* GSD..Otome Sunrise. Oh well… there goes my expectations of Otome.

One thing that’s sorely lacking now in Otome also is the total lack of fanservice, both risque or not. In fact…it’s getting boring to watch Otome.Clichés now come out in full blast, with that little lullaby sequence with the trio in this episode, signalling last time they’re ever going to spend time together as friends.

Ah… well, just had to get that off my chest. It’s just….. irritating.

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Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 12

Source: Unknown

**Announcement: Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ OST out. Get it while it’s hot :).**Madoka(Megu’s song) alone is worth the whole album.

In a fit of rage, Shinku goes crazy and pins Suigintou to the ground, questioning her if this is what she wants. Barasuishou takes the chance to attack, causing both of them to change to a more hidden venue. Inside, Shinku continues to question Suigintou, but is ended when Suigintou takes a barrage of crystals from Bara. Defeated, Suigin’s two Roza Mysticas float to Bara and Shinku, one each. Shinku gains Suigintou’s memories of Megu and Bara’s manipulation, angering her and she faces Bara seriously.

In a final flurry of attacks, Shinku manages to beat Bara and pin her down. She tries to deal the final blow, but is interrupted by Jun. Jun persuades her to stop and Bara takes advantage of the distraction to deal Shinku a fatal blow instead. Bara gains all the Roza Mystica’s and Father rushes to congratulate her. It’s revealed that he isn’t really Rozen, but his student instead, and he created Bara to surpass Rozen Maiden’s. Angered, Jun questions why he did all this, but he gets slapped away.

Suddenly, Bara starts to crack and crumble to dust. Both her and her maker disappear in a flash of light, scattering the Roza Mystica’s. The Laplace Demon appears and comments it has been fun and leaves as sudden as he appears. Jun holds Shinku’s lifeless body and shouts, demanding Rozen to appear. Jun’s attempts succeeds and Rozen appears with four Roza Mystica’s.

Cut forward, Rozen is in his workshop, fixing Suigintou, Suiseiseki, Kanaria and Shinku. Noticing that Shinku’s awake,Rozen embraces her and says something we can’t hear. Rozen’s figure is then replaced by Jun’s and Shinku tells him about Rozen. Jun reveals that Rozen is going to continue his pursuit of Alice in other ways and the Alice Game is now unneeded. Everybody has been restored except for Souseiseki and Hina Ichigo and it’s Shinku’s responsibility over them now. Jun and Shinku then head home to Suiseiseki and Nori.

I’m not really sure on what to say about the ending. The ending did resolve most of the plotlines that had emerged in ~träumend~, but also leaves enough unsolved mysteries for a potential 3rd season, like Souseiseki and Hina’s Roza Mystica’s whereabouts. The Laplace Demon’s purpose is also subject to much debate as he seems to be the ultimate mastermind of the whole thing.

I really didn’t expect such a big twist in the end though, with the revelation of the fake Rozen and the appearance of the true Rozen to announce the end of the Alice Game. Suigintou fans also rejoice as she’s finally complete and not “junk” now. I expect, no, demand the (if will be made)3rd season to have her in the humourous situations with the rest of the gang.I’m sure a lot of fans would love it ^_-.

Overall, it was a fun watch, though I still think the last few episodes were really quite a mess, most due to the “rushed” feel of the Alice Game. Rozen Maiden deserves more situational comedy and a 3rd season, if not mainly to revive back Souseiseki and Hina Ichigo. If possible, I would like to see more of Rozen and his purpose of chasing Alice. It’s too bad the manga hasn’t been scanlated :(. Continue below for screencaps.

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Shakugan no Shana..-tan?!!!


A small DVD bonus special in the first Shakugan no Shana DVD volume, this short clip wins the internet.

Shana is now Mini-Goddess sized and coping in her own way to living with Yuuji, in short, perching on Yuuji’s head.

This leads to hillarious moe-ments with her eating *meronpan* on top of Yuuji’s head and shouting, “*Uruchai, uruchai, uruchai!!*” in *chou-kawaii*ness. Kazumi seems to be pretty jealous of Shana’s position on top of Yuuji’s head and her attempt to score points with Yuuji gets pwned by Shana-tan dribbling on her *bento*, in one of the most hillarious WTF?!! moe-ments ever. Alastor gets his fair share of humour as well, as he gets kidnapped by a bird to some funny place.

Shana fans, this is a **DEFINITE** must-watch.Couldn’t get my hands on the other special though…. yet :).

**Added Note:** The raw version needs resizing to correct 16:9 ratios. Oh, and the Mai-HiME movie trailer….. it fails. Not even remotely funny except for the part where Mikoto grabs the fatcat Mikoto declaring it’s her *aniki*.

**EDIT:** The old torrent isn’t working now, so I reuploaded a new torrent for the raw. I’ll be seeding it for a while.

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Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 03

Source: Unknown

Hazumu is surprised by the sudden appearance of Janpuu-chan and Sora, who explains he’s here to monitor his progress while Hazumu’s getting sexually harrassed by Janpuu-chan :). The next day, she agonizes on how to keep them both a secret from his parents, but finds out he doesn’t have to worry bout that :P.

Later in school, Hazumu’s telling some friends about how Tomari saved her earlier, eliciting some laughs and yuri-vibes. She spots Yasuna looking from afar, who runs off after being spotted.Yasuna later declines invitations to go out with her friends, as there’s guys with them, and she’s afraid of them. Hazumu tries to approach her too, but she runs off again. Back home, Yasuna’s the only person in the house, with only her dog to keep her company. She feels lonely but takes it in her stride. Meanwhile, Hazumu goes out for a night jaunt, after some advice from Tomari.

The next morning, Hazumu is waiting at Yasuna’s house with the pot containing the flowers that she and her planted together. Hazumu confesses she wants to ber her friend and with a disarming smile, Yasuna accepts both . Back in school, Tomari spots Yasuna and Hazumu replanting the flowers back at it’s original place….

Three episodes in and I’m liking the way that Kashimashi’s going in. All aspects were fully in balance, from humour to character development. I’m proud to say that it’s actually even better than the manga, for now. I really do love they way they gave everyone adequate screentime, without wastage. Undoubtably, this was a more Yasuna focused episode though. I’m pretty sure a lot of anti-Yasuna opinions must be having second thoughts now :).

Yasuna is also given more development, as we see her in a lonely enviroment, aggravated by her condition of not being able to see boys. In essence, she’s just lonely and scared to commit herself to others, fearing loss. Hazumu seems to be the only one she has tried to open her heart to, but now, she’s scared of her feelings towards Hazumu as well, as *yuri* isn’t exactly a social norm in Japan, where it dictates everyone’s actions. I’m sure a lot of Asians will understand this :).

Next episode focuses on the confrontation between Tomari and Yasuna over Hazumu. I’m pretty impressed with the title already, “***Shoujo sankakei***”, or simply put, “**Girl Triangle**”.

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