Jigoku Shoujo 13

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I haven’t been blogging Jigoku Shoujo mostly due to lack of motivation, but episode 13 is a poignant episode, one of the best done in a while. I won’t do summaries as better ones have been done.

The focus on Ai this episode reveals some tantalizing titbits like the fact that she has been doing this for at least 500 years, give or take, and also how she has been adapting her methods throughout the ages, from newspapers to internet sites. She also seems to be getting jaded over the episodes, in seeing all the dark sides of human nature.

It is safe to say that her workload would have been increased tremendously in recent times,with the advent of the internet, compared to her past method. I feel she’s getting more and more disappointed with the decline in human morals, especially in this modern age, when the tiniest things can spark great grudges. I think she’s getting more and more reluctant to do her job.

I also would like to praise the production crew for the quality of this episode, where Ai’s presence is highly felt throughtout the episode but she doesn’t even appear until the end for the one and only line she says this show, “jigoku mo…. kekko hiroi kara…”, which to me, feels very poignant and meaningful. Once again, I am reminded of why I am soo attracted to Noto Mamiko. Also, is a mere coincidence that the production crew chose episode 13 to tell all this? I think not ^_-.

However…. it seems the next episode reverts back to the usual revenge-seeking story. I won’t keep my hopes up for it, but I’ll probably won’t be covering it in detail, unless something happens.

Also, I have random thought that maybe Ai’s looking for a replacement and probably chose Tsugumi as one. But until anything concrete is revealed, I won’t say much :).

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