2005 – A Year in Retrospect

Ah yes…. 2005 has been quite an eventful year for me as I stepped out from school and entered the realm of the “poor university students” somewhat ala Hachikuro’s characters :). But in between, quite a lot of things have happened.

The unveiling of 2005 was marked with some tragedy, as the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami ushered many people in to a year of sadness and a celebration to the human spirit. I myself, who is living in one of the countries affected(but not so badly) by the tsunami, felt some sadness towards my neighbours all around, who have suffered much despair.

However, on the anime scene, the winter of ’04/’05 proved to be quite a interesting one with Mai HiME, Sunrise’s latest cash cow franchise captured much of the otaku population, with it’s combination of harem-sized cast of characters, gripping storyline and cheesy endings. Mentar from Memento became quite an expert on this subject, and seems to be now, the foremost HiME/Otome authority, amongst the blogging world.

As for me, it was around that time too, inspired by the efforts of the anime bloggers (which at that time was quite a small but well-knit community) such as Matt, moyism and Momotato, I started dabbling in to watching anime in raw form. I found it hard at first, but thanks to their efforts in posting up summaries, I managed to get the hang of it. Soon, too, I followed their footsteps in blogging by opening up Kuro’s Little Blog, mainly to blog for fun and as a hobby.

Unfortunately though, it was no sooner than April, where due to some internal disputes, I found myself without internet. It was truly a big impact on me, considering that Mai HiME was nearing it’s end at that time and also quite a lot of new and anticipated shows were being started. However, soon, I had to accept the fact that I had overstepped the line and resigned myself to two months without Internet, in anticipation of being accepted in to my university, MMU, where I could get access to the Internet.

After two hellish months with only scattered access to the Net, June came and I set off to my university with much excitement and anticipation. However, a bad mistake made by inexperience costed me another three months without Internet and that period still remains a bit traumatic for me. I sorely regretted the fact I was missing out on FMP:TSR, which in the beginning of 2005 had been my most anticipated anime for the year. The 5 months without Net was undoubtably the event that had the biggest impact on me, as I slowly lost somewhat of my Net identity and the following of recent trends.. I really have to confess here that I’m really such a big Net junkie :P.

Finally, in September, I moved away from that hellish place called EP and managed to find a room somewhere else, with broadband. With my newfound freedom and permanent Internet access, I vigilantly worked to catch back on time lost and caught up on this year’s series’ like Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Chronicles, Honey & Clover, Shuffle, Ichimashi, Pani Poni Dash and especially FMP:TSR, which did not disappoint.

I was also right on time to catch the Fall ’05 season, which so far, has been the best one for me, thanks to the influence of Matt over me to watch Nanoha and subsequently made me a Nanoha A’s fanboy ^_-. Fall Season also started off the anime blog movement explosion, which has been steadily gaining momentum over the year with the advent of easy to use blogging software and the ease of finding hosting. Primarily driven by Mai-Otome and the rest of the Fall Season shows, new blogs started to spring up and the anime blog scene has really grown to be quite big.

I also restarted blogging, and thanks to the graciousness of Maestro, who gladly offered me hosting on his domain, I discovered the wonders of WordPress and the result is what you are all seeing now :). I’ve learned quite much from blogging and I really like to thank all those who have inspired me, helped me and also to all my blog readers for all their support.

I’ll end it off here for the time being. This kinda turned out to be quite dragged out, XD. If I have offended anyone, I apologize beforehand. This is just really all my views about this year. I can be quite blunt sometimes so… gomen ne~~.

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