To all the losers making programs with an affiliation with canned meat products

As outlined earlier, I’ve been under a major spambot attack, specifically targetting two areas, which was comment spam on this post and also tagboard spam.

To solve this problem, earlier I disabled comments on the said post, while for the tagboard I employed what I thought to be an ingenious trick, but I failed _|-|0”’. In the end, I installed Bad Behavior and my comment spam problem seems to be gone, while I have removed the tagboard from the site. I’ll solve this problem much more in detail later :P.

As for other stuff, I’ve been having a burnout recently on anime. Kinda lost my interest in watching anime for a while, which I guess stems from the hiatus of the shows I’ve been watching recently. Also, exams are approaching and I still haven’t really understood most of the stuff I’m supposed to learn… but seriously, it’s not much of a thorn for me.

For now, I’m kinda enjoying manga though, with the flood of releases thanks to Christmas and New Year’s Day. Bleach Chapter 209 and 210 was seriously cool, and I’m also having a big crush on Kashimashi…. for some reason, I’m very attracted to Hazumu _|-|0”””. AT-Translations also released Hayate no Gotoku Volume 2, which proves to be hillarious as usual (Nagi 4TW!!!). Maybe I’ll do a post about it later. I’ve also been reading Sennen no Yuki, quite an interesting read.

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