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Ahh….. _|-|0””…. just finished spamming Evangelion Renewal in 2 days. Seriously, a word of warning, don’t do that unless you wanna turn antisocial and angsty. EVA really did that to me, making all my friends asking what happened to me. Maybe I’m just an attention-seeking whore… Ehem…. brainf**k at work…..

Other than that, I just watched Kong tonight. It was quite a good watch, albeit a little too long at 3 hours straight. It was roughly 1 hour to reach the island, 1 hour to catch Kong and 1 hour to kill him. I kinda feel sad for Kong though, he died of absolutely no fault on him own T_T.

On other stuff, I intend to do a 2005 in review for anime…. but just kinda feel like I’m not fit to do it, considering I missed half a year of anime…, well, maybe I might do it during Christmas. There’s not much anime coming out in December I’m interested in, except for Itsudatte! My Santa, which was actually kinda dumb that I don’t even feel like blogging it. Next month should prove interesting, with the advent of Fate/Stay Night, which is the series that ANY hardcore otaku should take a look at, and also Hellsing Ultimate, as long as they don’t delay it again >.< .There's also quite a few titles coming out in January that I'm interested in and I'll cover that later.... or maybe not. Sigh.... this semester is actually proving to be quite a b*tch, being a short semester and all, have to cover 3 subjects in 2 months. I have my finals in 2 weeks plus, and I still can't understand a single thing the lecturers are teaching (except for English) as the classes are all at stupid times... LIKE 8AM =.=.... I can hardly wake up for the class, let alone pay attention... Oh well, hopefully I won't fail it. Well to end this off, here's my current desktop.... which I haven't changed in quite a while.... Source: Evangelion Artbook Der Mond

Original Image : 1442×1075

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    September 25, 2006 @ 6:29 pm

    man i must admis that tis is a pretty good pic ,maybe the best one for this goddamn pc,well done dude

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