Bleach 62

More of Aizen pwnage of Soul Society and unexpectedly they shortened the action a bit. There’s supposed to be more fights and notably the other 3 gatekeepers of Soul Society got the cut. Well, their appearence was more of an excuse for Jidanbou to show off his 1337 skillz anyways.

I was abit disappointed by this episode, as it kinda felt rushed but they still did cover most of the manga stuff in the chapters being animated. My guess would be that the Soul Society arc will end with the next episode, which is going to be aired on the 10th of January by the way, and they’ll all go back and live happily ever after…………….NOT!!!!

I guess they’ll be starting up the filler arcs for the new year. I’ll stick around and watch for a few episodes, to give them the benefit of the doubt. If it starts to look cheap-ass, cheesy, or get-item-A-and-weapon-B type of stories, then I bash them up nicely :).

Oh…. How I WANT to see Sodeno Shirayuki animated _|-|0””’

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  1. Arashi Said,

    January 10, 2006 @ 3:47 pm

    they’ll all go back and live happily ever after…………….NOT!!!! hee?? XD

    does anyone know how much episode this anime will have?? XD

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