Mai Otome 11


I haven’t really done any Otome posts lately due to the overloaded scene of the Otome bloggers around. No offense please, but it seems just about everyone who has an anime blog MUST blog Otome, making me quite jaded and bored to do any Otome blog posts and instead concentrated on less blogged series. I’m seeing a new emerging trend here I guess, but at least Mai Otome doesn’t suffer from oversubbing than Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ does.

Well, I just don’t really have anything new to contribute to Otome, but I bet Mentar and moyism do….

However Otome 11 was just too funny and good to not blog, haha. Seriously, Akira’s entrance this episode was really over the top, with all that drummers and the announcer. I couldn’t stop laughing for at least 10 minutes after watching that (and in the process, woke up the whole house ^_^;;).

Other than that, we get some nice Nina development this episode, with more showing of her (obsessive) love towards Sergay(whom I hope doesn’t turn out to be gay). But damn, really, Sergay really knows how to score with the girls, especially “coincidentally” picking up Nina’s lost necklace and telling Nina that her birthday was the day he met her… truly, I don’t blame Nina for being (obssesively) in love with him.

The next episode seems to have some hijinks between Arika and Akira (damn it’s sooo easy to confuse their names :P) and romance is in the air for Mashiro-chan (who was really funny this episode). Oh, I forgot, WHERE IS NAO-SAMA?!!!!

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