Shakugan no Shana 11

Source: Noiji Itoh Artbook - Guren

Another development episode, with events heading to a faceoff soon…

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Shana and Yuuji are on the roof, practicing, when it reaches midnight and the Reiji Maigo does it’s work. Yuuji comments that he’s still not used to the feeling of it and they both head down to eat and watch some TV. On the TV, a love drama is being shown and the main character in it gets bitch-slapped after he tries to kiss the girl. Shana doesn’t understand why and Yuuji tries to explain it, but Shana merely replies “Ki-su te do de?” (Only for a kiss?) leaving Yuuji quite embarassed…

The next day,the Aizen siblings are walking in the city and Tieru casually kisses Sorato when he feels nervous about people looking at him. The guy, whom Tieru refers to as Shudonai (Chardonnay?) comments about their actions but gets bitch-slapped back when Tieru remarks he can’t even protect her “Cradle Garden”. Then she opens a fuzetsu and launches a jizaishiki which apparently fucntions as trap for Sorato’s “Cage” while Sorato proceeds to suck the “Existence Force” from the surrounding people.

At school, Yuuji’s class is playing dodgeball and Yuuji get’s knocked out, painfully, and Kazumi-chan asks him if he’s OK, getting Shana distracted, causing her to get knocked out by Tanaka. She angrily “returns” the ball to Tanaka and the class is canceled thanks to the rain. In the chnaging room, Shana overhears some girls takling about kisses and that gets her interested so much that she decides to research about it in the library,but doesn’t get any satisfactory answers.

Back home, Shana asks Chigusa about kisses, saying that the meaning of kisses she knows seems to be different than the meaning she knows. Chigusa explains about kisses to her, saying that kisses are a form of showing affection and tries to give examples using Alastor and Yuuji.

Later that night, Shana and Yuuji are practicing on the roof again when it reaches midnight. Yuuji voices concern about the Reiji Maigo, saying that wouldn’t it make him unable to age. Shana tells him to confirm it for himself and after an embarrasing realization, Alastor interrupts them, asking them for a favour.

The next day, it’s revealed that Alastor’s “favour” is that he wants to talk to Chigusa. Shana and Yuuji set it up and then go to school, leaving them both to talk. Alastor requests that Chigusa doesn’t talk more to Shana about love, but Chigusa replies back, requesting Alastor to give her a chance. Alastor admits defeat in the end.

At school, it’s lunchtime and Kazumi offers Yuuji a bento , which makes Shana jealous and she counters by offering him a meron-pan. And later at home, Yuuji and Shana are going for dinner, when they pass by the TV, showing the same drama which now the protagonist manages to kiss the girl, and Shana casually remarks that she won’t do it with Yuuji, leaving Yuuji clueless.

Meanwhile, the Aizen siblings are searching for a Flame Haze after Sorato detects one, and apparently has what he wants. They bump into Marjorie and even Marcoh seems scared, commenting that a “big customer” has arrived. Shudonai and Marjorie apparently know each other and he introduces her to the siblings. Tieru replies that she doesn’t have it and they move on, leaving Eita and Tanaka worried and they question her if it’s OK to let them go. Marcoh replies that they didn’t “let them go” instead they were the ones who were “let off”. Sorato continues to search and sighs, asking where is the Nietono no Shana………


Well, no kisses this time (except for the Aizen siblings, but they aren’t normal :). We get more development on Shana this time though, with her starting to get interested in human emotions and actions like kissing and love. It’s clear that she’s falling in love with Yuuji but in typical tsunderekko style, doesn’t want to admit it at first :).

My already-high respect towards Chigusa this episode increases even more this episode, with her explanation to Shana about kisses and how she persuades Alastor to give Shana a chance at experiencing this emotions. It’s clear to me that she’s already realised something about Shana’s feelings towards Yuuji and wants to push them along. She’s a pretty cool mom, eh :). There’s been a lot of speculation about her recently, mostly about how she might be from Guze or knows about what’s happening and all, but I still chalk it all down to motherly instincts.

Alastor seems to be pretty worried about Shana himself too, to the point that he decides to make that call to Chigusa. I see it as of him being worried that exposing Shana to those emotions might make her sad and unhappy, especially in her condition now as a Flame Haze. However, interestingly, what I speculated in my previous post seems to come true in this episode, when Yuuji asks Shana about how he might not age, given that the Reiji Maigo is in his body and he even comments about if he’s able to stay by Shana’s side forever.

But for now, the main plot seems to be developing into a Aizen siblings vs Shana fight, which apparently, Sorato seems to want the Nietono no Shana, or that he wants something the wielder of the Nietono no Shana possesses. The Aizen siblings also seem to be quite powerful, judging from Marcoh’s reactions and Marjorie’s expressions. Well, the next episode, “Yurikago ni hana wa saite” (Blooming Flowers in a Cage), seems to be the fight episode, with someone getting trapped ^_^.


  1. cclragnarok Said,

    December 15, 2005 @ 2:12 pm

    I would bet that Reiji Maigo does MORE than just giving Yuuji immortality. It is supposed to be one of the top treasures, and I don’t see how it could be so valuable if all it does is keep a torch from going out.

    As for the new Guze trio, from what I know, the bodyguard is supposed to be the powerful one.

  2. R'nBob Said,

    December 18, 2005 @ 5:40 am

    ^^ Yes, i think Yuuji’s mother is very cool too!

    I too wonder what sort of REAL power will show Yuuji, because as cclragnarok said, for the moment, its not very grandiose/great.
    he can only follow Shana and sometimes gives good advices…

    The role of the adult (in the Guze trio) has not been cleared yet. For the moment he is pointless (because he is the more weak) but he has maybe also personal skills.

    have fun &
    see you soon

  3. Kurogane Said,

    December 18, 2005 @ 8:27 pm

    Hmm… IMO, immortality is already quite a valuble power by itself.

    I haven’t got spoiled on SnS’s story, so I can only speculate, but I guess that what’s making it fun to watch, in addition to Shana’s *tsunderekko*-ness. She really is the epitome of the *tsunderekko* canon :).

  4. Kiryuu Said,

    December 19, 2005 @ 10:40 am

    umm… spoiler ^^;

    well, Shudnai is a King, while the twins are just Tomogara. And Shudnai is also one of the strongest kings, General from the enemy’s side.
    he’s ordered to keep an eye and protect Tyriel because she had special Fuuzetsu, the Yurikago no Sono (Craddle Garden) that’s another dimension where she and her brother grows up in.
    although, how she could speak that arrogantly to her higher officer is… very much like her character so far.

    Reiji Maigo is supposedly made using Rasen no Fuukin, and it has that much power even before it’s taken out of the mistess to be used. Heard that later, Marjorie will tell him about how to use power of the Reiji Maigo, perhaps she’ll taught him how to use that magic Guze peoples used.

  5. Kurogane Said,

    December 19, 2005 @ 11:03 am

    Arghhh…. spoilers…. nooo……. just j/k, XD.

    Hmm…. I see, I’d thought that Tiriel’s *fuzetsu* was funny in some way because it was different coloured. Kinda surprised though, that Shudonai is actually a King but I guess he’s a cool type, being able to accept Tiriel’s behaviour.

  6. Kiryuu Said,

    December 22, 2005 @ 11:34 pm

    ah ! sorry for the mistake. so this is the official spelling for that ojiisan’s name…

    Asmodee (also Chammadai or Sydonai) is the destroying demon and superintendent of the gaming houses. He may be also the equivalent of Samael. It is said that he will be the one to dethrone Solomon, but that Solomon will force him to aid in the battle for the Jerusalem temple. After Tobie expells him with the smoked spleen of a fish from Sara, the angel Raphael will bind him in the depths of Egypt. According to the Courrier de l’Egypte, the people of the country still adore Asmodee, whose temple sits in the desert of Ryanneh. He allegedly will cut himself into pieces and immediately after, disappear.

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