Kurogane’s Anime Blog Beta 0.7 Revision 1

A little update here for my blog as thanks to the power of sFIR 2.0 and FlashyTitles , I’ve put up a replacement for my header, which admittedly has been the most bland part of my blog, IMO. My initial plan was to make a image header, as employed by Matt but thanks to my almost zero knowledge of image manipulation beyond what’s offered in Irfanview, that plan was stalled. I think I might take up Photoshop later, during my next sem break, if I don’t stick to sFIR ^_^.

The best thing about it is that there’s no concern for any cross-browser breaking of the styles used. As long as Flash Player is installed and Javascript enabled, all browsers should be able to see the same formatting used, as I intended to. Credits to FONTSMACK for providing the font used, ALS Script created by Digital Graphic Lab.

For now, I’m just using sFIR on my headers, but I have plans to include them inside other parts of my blog, which will come later, once I have the time to fully concentrate and do a major overhauling of my blog. Opening this blog has really exposed me to a lot of stuff, mostly about web design, which was ultimately one of my initial objectives for doing it.

Oh and for those interested in my stats (thanks to WP-Shortstat), here’s a brief overview of it. Unfotunately, I havent signed up for any much more detailed stat analysis services, though I’m waiting for Google Analytics to iron out their teething problems and reopen their registration :).

Total Hits : 62450

Uniques : 13830

Average Hits per day : 1541 (based on the past 5 days from this post)

Highest Hits per day : 2080

Well, not bad for a blog 2 months old, eh. I mostly have to thank jason and Matt for their fine work in the Anime Blog Toshokan and Animeblogger.net Antenna
respectively, as without them, I don’t think my blog would be successful or as far-reaching as now :).

Well, to end this post, expect Shana 11 in an hour or so ^_-. Oh and here’s a little treat for my readers, Jigoku Shoujo OP – Sakasama no Chou full version, which has been repeated to death on my playlist this few days :).

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