Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 06


Amazing episode this time, with a totally different atmosphere from the previous ones. I had difficulties believing I was watching Rozen Maiden at times. I just don’t have the energy to post a summary so if anyone wants one, read Garten’s post :).

Starting off, Suigintou’s back permanently thanks to Father and some help from Barasuishou (I think). Suigintou’s master, Megu, is also introduced as well and I finally see why Suigintou has much more popularity among Japanese fans than Shinku. Even for the first episode introducing them, I’m clamouring more of Megu and Suigintou.

To put it simply, somehow, the two of them really fit each other off, with both having the problem of being “incomplete”. There’s been some funny theories about Megu’s condition, with the most absurd one I’ve heard was AIDS, but I think that Megu’s suffering from congenital heart defects. It’s the most fitting disease I can think off, especially with her “koko ni wa ponkotsu” comment. I’m pretty surprised that she managed to survive for that long. Considering it’s quite a deadly one.

Megu’s pessimistic view of herself is really a very sad thing to see, having suffered all her life from the condition and living like a parasite, unable to do anything much apart from living. I was on the verge of tears on her conversation with Suigintou about her “lifespan”. I hope that with Suigintou, she’ll find a reason to live on.

As on the topic of Suigintou’s revival, it’s done nicely with the reason of needing her to start off the Alice Game. I guess that getting destroyed outside of the Alice Game doesn’t really count. On the other hand, I really find Father to be really quite psychotic, forcing them all in this battle royale.

While on other characters, my suspicions about the Enju shopkeeper have been confirmed with what it seems to be him as Barasuishou’s master. It now all seems that Barasuishou’s acting on Father’s commands with her reviving Suigintou and setting up the Alice Game.

Shinku also seems to still be in some trauma and still blaming herself for what happened. She positively looks glad on seeing Suigintou being revived. She’s regretting her past actions as well, and her pompous nature from the first season in somewhat gone, based on her apology to Suigintou.

After this amazing episode, I find it quite funny to see that the next episode looks like another humourous one. I speculate the next episode would be a mix of humour and character development, with probably some twist at the end.

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    December 2, 2005 @ 1:37 pm

    […] Seems like my predictions for this episode came true, with the character development, humour and twist at the end, all predicted correctly :). One thing I didn’t really expect was the all fanservice with Micchan dressing them all up nicely, I really hope they go for more photo sessions with Micchan in later episodes. […]

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