Gunparade March

Well, I didn’t really liked the sound of this show in the first place, but after much egging from willuknight bitching about how no one’s taking up Gunparade Orchestra this season, I decided to watch it.

My first impression of it is that it’s pretty much average story about Angels aliens invading and the group of angsty teenagers piloting EVA’s mecha’s to destroy the Angels aliens. But it does set itself out in the end, a little though.

Firstly, the art is pretty OK considering J.C. Staff did it, which is a good factor to watch this show. Character designs were leaning to the generic but still OK and there’s still a semblence of individuality among the large cast.However, the same cannot be said for the mecha designs as they were really quite ugly and generic, with an even uglier acronym given to them, HMT(Humanoid Walking Tanks). I guess the good ones like EVA’s, AS’es and MS’es were already taken :P. Animation is good and steady throughout the show, but then, I was watching a DVD copy, so I guess I can’t comment much about that :).

Next, the characters are pretty much average and nothing much to shout about. We have the typical tsunderekko, ignorant wimp, womanizer, bishounen shoujo (think Chie), kawaii loli and the dojikko all rolled together under the large cast of Unit 5121. Pretty much most of the stereotypical anime characters are here. Individually forgettable, but the interaction between them is what makes them stand out. As for the enemies, they aren’t given much things to do, except just to stand around to get hit by the protagonist’s.

As for plot direction and story, it’s probably the best thing of the show, as it flows fluidly and manages to give most of the characters some form of development. The slice-of-life approach taken here by the show is probably not for those who are hardcore fans of mecha shows like Gundam and EVA. It’s best to describe GPM as the ARIA of mecha animes :). Still the story is perfectly developed and ended in the 12 short episodes it runs for as there’s no feeling of “being rushed” and “deus ex machina’s” being employed.

On the music part of the show, I didn’t really find the OP and ED interesting to listen to, which is quite a shame as it could’ve given GPM one more plus point for me. But the BGM is fine and funny to listen to with some overdramatic music being used at times, to a funny effect, which I think is probably intended by the production crew.

All in all, GPM is quite a nice show to watch, if you have nothing much more particularly interesting to watch/do. It’s 12-episode format makes it quite bearable to watch, when you consider the main point of the show is to watch the hero hook up with the heroine. Best watched on a lazy weekend with friends, like I did. In short, it’s not too good or outstanding yet not too bad or sucky, making it quite average.

Rating : 5/10


– Good story pacing and flow.
– Good art and animation.


– Bad mecha designs.
– Forgettable OPED’s.


  1. bakaboobie Said,

    November 27, 2005 @ 2:37 pm

    Thanks for the insight. I see that GunParade Orchestra hasn’t changed “much” from the old TV series. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. The previous TV series needed more episodes to fully flesh out its ideas, but had to abruptly end.

  2. Kurogane Said,

    November 27, 2005 @ 2:41 pm

    I haven’t watched GPO yet, but GPM wasn’t really too bad. You have to see that the point of GPM was the buliding up of the relationship between the two leads. In anyways, their ideas for the setting and others are pretty much generic and cliché and I’m glad it didn’t really degenerate into a alien vs human slugfest.

  3. Willuknight Said,

    November 27, 2005 @ 7:37 pm

    I would have given it a 7/10.

    Even though the caracters are generic, they do come to life, and become a lot more ‘real’ then other casts do. The Character death is significant, even though its not vital, and is a great way to present the dangers of the battlefield.

    There are unplumed mysteries to this series, and i hope these questions will be answered witht GPO. :)

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