Being a Kaede-chan fan, I’m happy that Kaede’s past is finally explored. I realise that a lot of people are now really scared of Kaede-chan, but nontheless, I’m still liking her, albeit I’m looking at her with a different eye right now.

I have to give kudos to Rin for being the person he was, enduring all that torture, just to give Kaede-chan a “target” in life. Given in that situation, it’s really hard to jolt someone who’s lost the will to live unless something extreme is employed. I give my highest respects to Rin for doing that and giving Kaede the will to live.

While so, Rin has also been quite an ass by neglecting his “family” after making the decision to go on with Asa-sempai. Kaede really hasn’t had much exposure ever since “her episode” early in the beginning. With Sia, Primula and now Asa taking the centerstage, the feeling of neglect is really building up. But from an another side, I salute the production crew for doing this, as I genuinly feel Kaede’s feelings of being neglected.

Kaede’s “explosion” is well called for her, considering her past and the growing feeling of neglect she’s suffering from Rin, totally into Asa now. For the direction of the story, it’s now heading off to a battle royale between Asa and Kaede-chan, since Sia and Nerine are pretty much out with Primula playing the *imouto* part now. There’s also a nicely done contrast between the two, given that Kaede’s mentally collapsing while Asa’s physically weakening. All in all, I’m still with Kaede’s tragic backstory and her character, but Asa’s really having the momentum now. I guess, we’ll just have to wait.

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