Kuro’s Roundup 01

_|-|0””….. pretty much describes my life now, as everything’s in a god damn mess…….

As a result, I’m pretty much not in a blogging mood for now, so until I sort back everything in my life to normal, I don’t think I’ll be blogging as much as possible……

Anyways, I’m still on the season, just a bit screwed up and late. I’m still having backlogs for some shows, not having watched Karin 03, Shuffle 18 and Nanoha A’s 08. I’m going to watch them over the weekend, if possible. What I did watch for now was Bleach 59 and Shakugan no Shana 08.

Bleach 59 proceeded according to my earlier assumptions and ended off Ichigo vs Byakuya, while setting up the twist later on involving Hitsugaya. Believe me, the twist is sooo darn good, it was it that kept me in Bleach while I was almost going to give up on it, on account it was degenerating into a battle royale ^_-.

Shana 08 was just pure awesomeness….. as Omni stated, it had totally amazing production values. Shana has noticably powered up and her flame wings are my newest craze ^_^. Margery wasn’t neglected as well and her tears in the end of the episode was sooo perfect, I just found the energy to blog it out. Honestly speaking, it was that part that made me wanted to blog, albeit not in full, just… no energy. Well, next episode is a pool episode, and I was just so totally laughing at the preview :).

Still looking forward to Rozen Maiden ~träumend~ 06 today as well, Miss Yakult’s back :). Hopefully, I won’t degenerate to blogging in “Roundup” form for a long time,which I will if I don’t have time/mood, but my RL has been incompatitable with me recently. As much as I want to perform a clean reinstall of it, it’s perfectly impossible and I’m reduced to try and tweak it instead. If you can understand that, congratulate yourself, you’re a certified true computer geek :).

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