Shakugan no Shana 07


(bad raw, so lack of caps. Will upload later, when I get the HQ ones ^_^)


Continuing off last week, Shana faces off Marjorie but Marjorie declines it, leaving in search of Ramie, despite Alastor’s pleads that he’s harmless. Yuuji is amazed at seeing Marjorie for the first time, as she’s totally different from Shana.

As they walk home, they reach a zebra croosing and Yuuji expresses his astonishment and Alastor explains that Marjorie’s a special Flame Haze, specializing in battles.Alastor further explains that people who are chosen to be Flame Hazes usually bear a grudge against the Tomogara and Shana is even more unique that she does not have any personal grudge against the Tomogara. Hearing that, Yuuji wants to help Shana in her fights, since more Tomogara will be coming. Shana is surprised on hearing that…

– Shana: We won’t know until you try… *looks away*
– Yuuji: Are you angry?
– Shana: I’m not angry…….. Yuuji…..
– Yuuji : Eh..? Nani?
– Shana : *runs off* (I feel like I can do anything, with Yuuji at my side)

AHHH… SHANA KAWAII YO SHANA!!! (influenced by Matt already ;P)

Back to Marjorie, she searches for Lamie around town but no sign of him is detected. Back at Satou’s place, she knocks herself out with the sake and Marcoh reveals bits of Marjorie’s past to the guys. She’s had a run-in with a silver-flamed Tomogara before and she’s searching for it now, but it’s proving elusive.

The next day, Shana teaches Yuuji about some fighting skills and tells him the main thing is to sense your opponent’s killing intent and take chance in the gaps..bla bla. Yuuji’s mom interrupts their training session, saying that they’re gonna be late for school. Yuuji reflects back on yesterday, thankful that his mom is the “accept anything” type and letting Shana stay at their place. Before heading off to school, Chigusa asks Shana to take a bath ^_^.

Meanwhile, Marjorie’s having a terrible hangover and asks Satou and Tanaka to investigate *ningyozuki hentaiyaro’s* base, while she recovers from the hangover.

Back to Shana, it’s her first time at having a bath and she’s enjoying it. While waiting for her, Yuuji and Alastor have a little chat interspersed with cuts to Shana in the bathtub. Alastor explains it’s imperative that Ramie is protected as he has a enourmous amount of “existance energy” which will cause and explosion when he’s destroyed.

Satou and Tanaka find the *hougou* that Friagne was using to monitor the city and Marjorie uses it to detect Ramie using her spells.She tries twice but fails until Satou mentions something weird appearing on the map. Realizing something, Marjorie continues to try.

However, this attracts Shana and Yuuji’s attention and they both rush to find Ramie. But, Ramie is proving elusive to find, even for Shana, until Yuuji figures something out and they rush towards Ramie’s position.


A very good episode, after the semi-letdown of episode 06. Shana’s relationship with Yuuji has greatly improved and she’s even addressing Yuuji by name now, albeit still a bit bashfully. This episode really reaffirms my love for Shana-chan ^_^.

In terms of character development, there were tons of it this episode, being primarily one in the first place. Marjorie’s past is revealed a bit and we did see a more softer side of Marcoh. Marjorie was pretty hillarious as well, swinging Marcoh around when she was drinking. She also seems to have a big hatred against all the Tomogara in general, not just only the silver-flamed one she’s looking for.

Shana had her fair share of development too, as Alastor revealed that she has no personal grudge against the Tomogara. This might help to explain a bit on why she needs Nietono no Shana to help her call the flames out. Shana was pretty hillarious during the “training session”, but seriously she needs some of her own as well, seeing how she fought in episode 06. Yuuji himself is also proving to be more useful than I thought, figuring out Ramie’s little trick to avoid detection. She’s also pretty more confident now, saying that she feels like she can do anything with Yuuji by her side :).

Other than that, Chigusa, Yuuji’s mom, really cracks me up and she was pretty much a scene stealer by herself. I had thought she’s not gonna play a major role but listening to the Drama CD made me thought otherwise. I would really like to see the Chigusa and Alastor part in the Drama CD animated.

The art was also a bit more better than the last episode, even through the grainy quality of my raw :P.

The next episode would be Shana, Yuuji and Ramie facing off a pretty angry Marjorie in a clash between “Hatred and Mission” ^_-.

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  1. F.A.I.T.H Said,

    November 22, 2005 @ 11:22 am

    Yet another interesting episode. Good work on the synopsis. It’s pretty accurate. ^^ It’s more fanservice in this one and great amount of character development on Marjorie and Marcosius, as well as a fair amount of it on Shana as well. ^^ Another action packed episode next, I sincerely hope…

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