Jigoku Shoujo 07


*(late post due to blogger’s block :P)*

Admittedly…. one of the better episodes in all of the seven out now but still… for some reason, I don’t really like it that much mostly for what I’ve mentioned in my Mushishi 04 post, is that their characters are just too shallow and boring most of the time.

Seriously Ayaka was such a sucky and stereotypical character, I just don’t even feel like watching her. I was just sooo hoping for Ai-chan to drag her to hell down ASAP. She totally sucks at acting, my God. I do wonder if her mom was half blind when she chose her for her … errm.. “acting skills”. For god’s sake, I can act much more better than her.

But anyways, the upside was the revelation on Jigoku Tsuushin system, which confirms some of my thoughts that anyone can use it, wheather they really need it or not or they deserve it themselves. Also the devious nature of the Jigoku Tsuushin group is revealed here, as whatever it is, they’re not going to interfere in anyways and just act as watchers, seeing how they let Kaoruko lose her voice and then finally letting her become the contractor in the end. I have a faint feeling that Kaoruko didn’t went through the website, and Ai-chan directly approached her, but still it’s a theory. This episode firmly establishes what Ai-chan said in Episode 06 about her role.

Besides that, we also get to see Ai-chan in something else other than her kimono and joushikousei outfit, which was personally my best part of the episode ^_^. But the art is still kinda funny , meh.

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