Can I get Windows Shana plzzz??!!

Just picked this news up over at Anime News Network.

NTT Data Creates Cardcaptor Sakura Linux (2005-11-16 19:36:43) :
NTT Data recently held a press conference announcing Tomoyo Linux, known as Sakura Linux during its development stages. Related to the project they have created a Syaoran file system and Cerberus certification system. All the names are names of important characters from Cardcaptor Sakura.

Good to see that there’s much otaku’s around in the ranks of Japanese programmers. Undoubtably, combining anime and programs together would be such a perfect marketing strategy as I once tried to establish in a post at my old blog.

It’s also actually quite funny and coincidental I find, because I named my 3 partitions as Syaoran, Sakura and Kurogane :).

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