Mushishi 04

First attempt at watching this raw, made me realise I can’t grasp the form of language they are using. But basically, it’s plucked straight from the manga, so having read the manga, I understood the basic premise.

Well, I’m not gonna say much about it. Again, there’s nothing I can cover that hasn’t been done by Omni. I’ll be sticking to subs from now on, hopefully C1 won’t let us fans down ^_-.

So far, the production team of Mushishi has been sticking really close to the manga version, with the only difference of moving the seqeuences of the episodes around. One thing I find I really like about Mushishi, is the author makes the side-characters for every episode unique enough to not be labelled as mere stereotypes, yet still be plain enough to not stand out. The Jigoku Shoujo crew could take a few pointers from Urushibara Yuki on making characters :).

So far, there’s no confirmed annoucements about the amount of episodes that Mushishi will have. Mushishi would work well for a 12/13 episoder, taking the manga material. If it’s a 24/26 episoder, I’m not sure they can sustain the current pace. Hopefully, the “cheesy & cheap filler” syndrome won’t plague Mushishi.


  1. Nunka Said,

    November 14, 2005 @ 3:38 am

    >> The Jigoku Shoujo crew could take a few pointers from Urushibara Yuki on making characters :).

    I definitely agree with you on this point. Original, perfectly-designed, extremely likeable characters are one of Mushishi’s strongest points in my mind. Can’t say the same for Jigoku Shoujo. :(

  2. Kurogane’s Anime Blog » Jigoku Shoujo 07 Said,

    November 17, 2005 @ 2:21 am

    […] Admittedly…. one of the better episodes in all of the seven out now but still… for some reason, I don’t really like it that much mostly for what I’ve mentioned in my Mushishi 04 post, is that their characters are just too shallow and boring most of the time. […]

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