Usually I don’t blog Shuffle as I feel lazy to blog.. wanted to concentrate on the Fall season shows. But 17 was sooo good, I decided to join in the fray as well. Be forewarned though, I’m not gonna blog it fully. Check Omni’s blog for pics and summary.

First off, Kikyou was cool, really cool. She’s my third favourite girl in the SHUFFLE! universe right now. Personally, I don’t like Nerine and Sia much as I don’t really like their personalities much. But Sia partially redeems herself, thanks to Kikyo :).

But, no pretenses here, I’m a KKK member true to the heart. Asa is good, nontheless, but Kaede’s backstory just plainly wins me over. I’m rooting much for a Kaede ending, although it saddens me now that Kaede’s been relegated to wallflower status. But I’m keeping my hands crossed that’s the tactic of the production crew to build up her backstory, as well, she just means to be like that. Kaede got +5 moé from me this episode for calling the police in, XD. Another +5 for her *shimpai no kao*.

Oh, and they should really put more Primula in cheongsam shots. She looks darn sexy in them.

Anyways, I still like the way the production crew is making this anime. I’m pretty much jaded of harem anime’s already but SHUFFLE! is the only one that catches my attention. The way they handled Sia and Kikyou’s dialouge was real good. Too bad for her that Rin turned her down, but less one competitor for Kaede ^_^.



  1. Problematic Said,

    November 12, 2005 @ 4:46 am

    Remember Ai Ai Asa! LOL..I don’t know why I am part of Zyl’s fanclub, because its a defence group. Which should consists only of guys, but she is soo awesome. I couldn’t help myself. Asa turned out to be my favorite character in the spring series. However I am hoping for either an Asa or Kaede ending. Actually I like them all, maybe he can just go out with all of them. LOL

    Kikyou eh, she looks evil! Like the way her eyes are shaped and such. I don’t know it will be interesting if she keeps on interfering!

    Kuro- Can I add you to my blogroll? Your blog is so interesting and a lot posts are hilarious! Keep up the awesome and amazing work! :D Oh there was a minor spelling error with my website. It’s missing a “u” on the Equivocal part. Gomen…haha I couldn’t have a picked a harder website name to spell, could I? I sometimes have troubles with it. Haha

  2. Kurogane Said,

    November 12, 2005 @ 5:07 am

    Ah, never mind about the 2ble post. I already edited in your name :).

    AAA member, eh. Well, I was almost one.But, Kaede wins me over from the first episode already.Asa’s still my second favourite character though. In any case, I’m just a sucker for Kaede’s backstory.

    Gomen also for misspelling your blog’s name. I just added it in when I felt like it. Go ahead and add me on your blogroll too, more links-in are very welcome for me ^_-.

  3. forever21 Said,

    April 27, 2007 @ 6:59 pm

    Dude…… nice blog ……. well i could have done better myself … ^^ anywayz I agree w/ Problematic said, she was really attactive that time but dont worry my vote is still w/ Kaede. Men ! i share your pain, but most people liked it that way. I’ve held a survey on many SHUFFLE fans and most said the story is best w/ that twist on the end. This is the first time i saw your blog , I’ll visit this more oftenly TY ^^

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